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  • MMIT Reach: A Validated Decision Maker Contact Universe

    MMIT Reach

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    Comprehensive data set with contact information for more than 45,000 decision makers from thousands of health plan, PBM and health system organizations — with monthly updates.

  • Health Plan Weekly

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    Get in-depth analysis of the trends affecting health insurers’ market share, profitability and regulation, and the strategies they use to respond. This weekly publication covers strategic business, financial and regulatory analysis relevant to health insurers, pharmaceutical companies, health systems, benefits managers and analysts.

  • RADAR on Drug Benefits

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    Stay up-to-date on pharmacy reimbursement with business strategies and analysis for health plans, employers, PBMs and pharmaceutical companies. This biweekly publication covers targeted topics, such as drug trends for a specific class, employer attitudes toward pharmacy benefit management tools and copay/coinsurance levels.

  • RADAR on Medicare Advantage

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    Read a leading biweekly publication discussing strategies and analysis of Medicare Advantage, Medicare Part D and managed Medicaid reimbursement. This publication offers customized content for health plans, trade groups, consumer advocates, pharmacy benefit managers and revenue cycle product vendors.

  • RADAR on Specialty Pharmacy

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    Gain a better understanding of specialty drugs, related devices and tests, and therapeutic areas in which the products are used. This monthly publication provides strategic information for pharmaceutical companies, pharmacy directors, MCOs, PBMs, industry consultants and clinicians.

  • AIS's Directory of Health Plans: Snapshot

    The Directory of Health Plans

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    Comprehensive source of health plan data around enrollment, affiliates and key relationships, and other payer attributes to paint a portrait of all health insurance companies operating in the U.S.