Snapshot of Health Plans

Comprehensive source of health plan data around enrollment, affiliates and key relationships, and other payer attributes to paint a portrait of all health insurance companies operating in the U.S.


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Health Insurance Plan Enrollment Data for the Most Recent Quarter End

Gathering accurate, timely payer and health plan enrollment data is hard. Understanding how health plan dynamics impact your business can be harder. Snapshot of Health Plans delivers comprehensive health plan enrollment data to power your planning, inform your analysis and bring every payer plan offered in the U.S. into sharp focus.

Snapshot of Health Plans will give you a head start on your analyses — and let you easily understand the payer landscape, conduct market research, create detailed company profiles and prioritize business development initiatives. The data you receive from AIS Health’s proprietary health plan database — directly in Excel — will allow you to easily create the specific analyses you need.

Whether launching a new product, evaluating the market potential for your health care services, advising a client considering an expansion into managed care, or prospecting for new customers, Snapshot of Health Plans provides the payer and plan-level enrollment details you need to engage the market with confidence.

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Snapshot of Health Plans Contents

  • 1.1 Health Plans-National:  Total national-level record for each insurer. Entities are organized/labeled as they wish to be known.
  • 1.2 State Totals: Total medical enrollment attributed to a state for each insurer record. Excludes Medicare Supplement and PDP.
  • 1.3 State Market Breakdown:  For each record, percentage of state-level enrollment represented by Commercial Risk, Public-Sector and ASO/Self-Funded sectors.
  • 1.4 Owner ID Key: List of parent companies and health plan aggregators linked to Worksheet 1.1 via the owner_id field
  • 2.1 Enrollment Hierarchy: User support document explaining how enrollment field category subsets roll up to larger categories.
  • 2.2 Field List: List and definitions of all fields presented in Worksheet 1.1
  • 2.3 Index: Index of aliases, subsidiary names, product marketing names, former names and acquired entities represented within each record.


Research is conducted by the Data Team at AIS Health, a division of Managed Markets Insight & Technology, LLC (‘MMIT’). The scope of this database covers all known health insurers serving enrollees as of the latest update. Inclusion in the database is not optional. Entities are listed when determined by AIS Health to meet the criteria. AIS Health does not accept payment for inclusion.

Primary source data is obtained via direct surveying of health plan sources as well as analysis of publicly available reports. Data provided directly by company sources is deemed the most accurate and up-to-date information on that company. Adjustments to ensure comparative data per the AIS Health definitions are made in consultation with sources within the insurance companies.

Survey data are audited against public records as available. Discrepancies are usually found to be due to differences in definition and/or timing. Public sources include, but are not limited to, state insurance department filings, Centers for Medicare and Medicaid Services (CMS) records, state Medicaid agencies, company websites, SEC filings, company press releases and news reports. AIS researchers work closely with health plan sources to identify the specific enrollees that should be attributed to the categories as defined in the AIS database for the most accurate comparison.


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