More than 20 multiple sclerosis (MS) disease-modifying drugs (DMDs) currently are available in the U.S. But even with all the competition, prices for most of the agents are around $80,000 per year. Following updated professional treatment guidelines and the FDA approval of new therapies, including generics, Prime Therapeutics LLC recently conducted a study to determine spend and use of the agents over a two-year period. Spending for the class remained fairly steady, as generic use helped offset some costs. Payers should encourage use of these products to help contain their spend on this class, maintains a source from the PBM.

All of the drugs in the study are approved to treat relapsing forms of MS, the most common disease course. Only one — ocrelizumab — also is approved to treat primary progressive MS.

Prime presented the findings during the Academy of Managed Care Pharmacy Virtual Annual Meeting in April.

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