With Congress continuing to debate a measure that would allow the Medicare program to negotiate drug prices with manufacturers, a new Kaiser Family Foundation (KFF) poll has found that “large majorities” of U.S. adults support such a move, “and this support holds steady even after the public is provided the arguments being presented by parties on both sides of the legislative debate.”

But the Pharmaceutical Research and Manufacturers of America (PhRMA) is striking back, with a spokesperson sending an email to reporters on Oct. 12 that accuses KFF of “joining the partisan fray and political advocacy groups who are trying desperately to build congressional support for government price-setting.”

With its poll question, PhRMA argues, KFF abandons its history of objective queries about the trade-offs of Medicare drug price negotiation and instead uses “obvious bias” to frame the argument as “supporters” versus “opponents,” while also “providing unbalanced arguments on each side.”

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