The U.S. Court of Appeals for the District of Columbia Circuit on Aug. 13 overturned a key court victory notched by UnitedHealthcare regarding Medicare Advantage overpayments. In 2018, a lower federal court sided with the insurer’s challenge of a CMS rule, which required MA payments to be actuarially equivalent to those in Medicare fee-for-service and which UnitedHealth claimed resulted in the federal government underpaying MA plans. But D.C. Circuit Judge Cornelia Pillard ruled that actuarial equivalence did not apply to the overpayment rule.

CVS Health Corp.’s Aetna launched what it called the “first nationwide virtual primary care” program, which will be available to self-funded employer plans through a partnership with Teladoc Health Inc. Per an Aug. 10 press release, the program will place members in “a continuous relationship with a virtual care physician beginning from the first 30-45 minute comprehensive primary care visit and extending to every visit thereafter” and will offer a $0 copay “for virtual primary care visits and select in-person services at MinuteClinic and CVS HealthHUB locations.”

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