The combined organization created by a merger between Tufts Health Plan and Harvard Pilgrim Health Care will now be known as Point32Health. “Inspired by the 32 points on a compass, Point32Health represents the role the organization plays in guiding and empowering its members and making a meaningful impact across the health care industry,” per a press release. The parent company of the combined organization will be headquartered in Canton, Mass.

More than 1.2 million people signed up for health insurance through between Feb. 15 and May 31, according to CMS. By comparison, 501,000 people signed up for coverage in 2020 in the same period of time and 359,000 did in 2019. The increased signups are possible because of a pandemic-related special en-rollment period that applies to all consumers — not just those with qualifying life events — and increased uptake is also likely due to more generous premium subsidies included in the American Rescue Plan Act.

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