CMS, in its recent release of 2022 star ratings for private Medicare plans, reported that the percentage of members in plans rated 4 stars and above rose for both Medicare Advantage Prescription Drug (MA-PD) plans and stand-alone Prescription Drug Plans (PDPs).

MA-PD plans’ performance is getting the most buzz — perhaps because an eye-popping 90% of current enrollees are in plans that will be rated 4 stars or higher in 2022, up from 77% of MA-PD enrollees in 2021. Still, PDPs’ year-over-year percentage increase of members in highly rated plans is also notable.

Last year, CMS said that weighted by enrollment, about 17% of PDP enrollees were in contracts that would be awarded 4 or more stars in 2021. And in this year’s fact sheet about the 2022 star ratings, the agency said that about 42% of current PDP enrollees are in contracts that received a rating of 4 or more stars.

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