Of all the changes that the COVID-19 pandemic has made to the health care system, one of the most lasting might be the manner in which it has forced organizations of all types to rethink how they engage with consumers.

At Anthem, Inc., for example, the pandemic helped accelerate executives’ efforts to streamline how individuals interact with the health care system, Anthem Chief Clinical Officer Anthony Nguyen, M.D., said during a June 9 panel discussion, titled “What Consumer Engagement Means Today,” during the World Health Care Congress Virtual conference. AIS Health moderated the session.

“What we want to do, especially during COVID, is make health care easier to navigate,” Nguyen said. “For instance, virtual care — yes, a lot of people used it, but then I challenged my company and our team [to examine] how many people did not get a virtual care visit because they found it too complicated. How many clicks do you actually have to go through to even get there?”

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