Cigna Corp. — which made headlines earlier this year when it indicated patients could receive a monetary award if they switch from a high-priced psoriasis drug to a cheaper biologic — now appears to be making that strategy an official program, starting with a different drug.

In a recent press release, the insurer revealed that starting in July, two approved biosimilars for Janssen’s immunosuppressive drug Remicade (infliximab) — Avsola and Inflectra — will move to preferred status on its formularies. “With these updates, Cigna is taking concrete steps to help patients and plans realize the promise of alternative, clinically effective treatment options,” the company said.

More specifically, Cigna “will offer all eligible customers the option to receive a one-time $500 debit card for health care services and products if they decide to switch to a biosimilar or another preferred medication.”

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