In acquiring Aetna, CVS Health Corp. promoted the value of integrating health benefits with the company’s thousands of existing pharmacies and retail clinics (see story, p. 1). Other health insurance carriers seem to have taken heed, as national health plans such as Anthem, Inc. and Humana Inc. recently have sought to establish or expand clinics in a variety of markets.

Anthem is contracting with CareMax Inc. “to build medical centers in areas where Anthem will offer a value-based care model to improve patient outcomes,” per an Aug. 13 press release. Meanwhile, Humana will expand its Humana Neighborhood Centers line of clinics, which already operate in Asheville and Greensboro, to several other North Carolina markets including Charlotte.

“What I like about these new things is if you can open the door to a non-member, and offer virtual health or community-based care, or specialty [pharmacy] access, suddenly you’re opening your door to a much broader swath of potential members. You can’t really call them members, but they’re participants in your ecosystem,” Ashraf Shehata tells AIS Health, a division of MMIT. Shehata is KPMG’s national sector lead for health care and life sciences.

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