by Carina Belles

Medicare Advantage Prescription Drug (MA-PD) plans saw somewhat of a reversal of fortune in their 2021 star ratings, according to CMS’s Oct. 8 data release. The agency reported that 77% of MA-PD members are enrolled in a plan rated at least 4 stars overall, compared to 81% in the 2020 plan year. Stand-alone Prescription Drug Plans (PDPs) saw a similar decline, with 17% of members enrolled in a PDP rated 4 stars or above, down from 28% this year. Among the top five MA-PD payers, UnitedHealthcare and Anthem, Inc. lost the most ground in the ratings. United’s share of members enrolled in plans rated 4 stars or above shrank from 84% to 74%, while Anthem’s dropped from 58% to 51%. Humana Inc. and CVS Health Corp.’s Aetna fared better, holding steady to 2020’s numbers at 92% and 83%, respectively, though Aetna did lose its only 5-star contract. Kaiser Permanente, meanwhile, repeated its stellar 2020 performance, with 94% of its MA-PD members enrolled in a 5-star contract. See the full ratings distribution for all contracts below, plus the ratings and enrollment distribution for the top five payers.

*Enrollment figures represent the sum of Kaiser’s seven regional managed care organizations.

NOTE: Analysis does not include enrollment data from contracts that were too new to be rated, or did not have enough data available to measure a star rating.

SOURCE: CMS; DHP, AIS’s Directory of Health Plans