by Carina Belles

A new report in JAMA Internal Medicine examined the 57 different formularies across all stand-alone Prescription Drug Plans offered in November 2016 to find out how often brand-name drugs were given preferential status in Medicare Part D formularies. Researchers focused on multisource products, or drugs that have both generic and branded versions available, and found that 72% of formularies placed at least one branded drug on a lower cost-sharing tier than its generic version, and 30% of formularies placed fewer utilization restrictions on at least one brand-name product. See other results of the study below.

*Of the 222 multisource drugs covered in all 57 Part D formularies where both the branded and generic product were covered in at least one formulary.

SOURCE: Socal MP, Bai G, Anderson GF, Favorable Formulary Placement of Branded Drugs in Medicare Prescription Drug Plans When Generics Are Available, JAMA Intern Med., March 18, 2019. Visit