by Carina Belles

CMS reported in its 2020 star ratings release that 81% of Medicare Advantage Prescription Drug (MA-PD) members are enrolled in a plan rated at least 4 stars overall, up from about 75% last year, with more than half of MA-PD contracts scoring an overall 4 or above. Stand-alone Prescription Drug Plans (PDPs) continued to fare worse than MA-PD plans in the ratings, but saw a considerable shift in membership, with about 28% of members enrolled in a PDP rated 4 stars or above, up from 3.5% last year. CMS says just five contracts will be sanctioned as low-performing. Among the major players, Kaiser Foundation Health Plan came out on top of the ratings once again, with 94% of its MA-PD members enrolled in a 5-star contract, up from 80% in the 2019 plan year. UnitedHealthcare and Aetna Inc. also showed improvement, picking up their scores after not having any overall 5-star contracts last year. None of the top five payers’ MA-PD contracts scored below a 3 overall. See the full ratings distribution for all contracts below, plus a ratings and enrollment distribution for the top five insurers.

NOTE: Analysis does not include enrollment data from contracts that were too new to be rated, or did not have enough data available to measure a star rating.

SOURCE: CMS; DHP, AIS’s Directory of Health Plans