Medicare Advantage and Part D

From Medicare Advantage News - Medicare Advantage enrollment as of the Jan. 1, 2017 payment date reached 19.4 million beneficiaries, or 33.9% of total Medicare-eligible individuals, according to CMS data posted Jan. 17. While the January figures typically do not provide a complete picture of what happened during the Annual Election Period (AEP), this year’s data indicate a large pickup of lives from December and may reflect some of the uncertainties faced by seniors around the November 2016 election, experts say. Read more

From Medicare Advantage News - A major change in risk-adjustment methodology that went into effect for 2017 alleviated a deep concern of many Medicare Advantage plans with large percentages of dual eligibles. Read more

Medicare Advantage & Part D Blog

By Lauren Flynn Kelly - February 3, 2017
Fulfilling a new statutory requirement, CMS on Feb. 1 released its annual Advance Notice and draft Call Letter for Medicare Advantage and Part D plans 60 days prior to the final notice — about two weeks earlier than usual. This theoretically gives plans more time to prepare bids due in June,...
By Lauren Flynn Kelly - January 12, 2017
Each year the editors of AIS Health interview dozens of industry experts to come up with predictions on what the next 12 months will look like for the insurers and other health care stakeholders that read our newsletters. But this year’s “Outlook” poll was daunting for sources and writers alike...
By Lauren Flynn Kelly - November 14, 2016
Following the Nov. 8 election of business mogul Donald J. Trump to the presidency, insurers, patients, policy experts, providers and taxpayers alike are scratching their heads as to what this means for health care in the U.S. Trump’s health care reform proposal centered largely on “repeal and...

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