The Specialty Pharmacy Patient Choice Award was created to recognize specialty pharmacies and their commitment to patient satisfaction. The criteria for this award were formulated by a committee comprised of individuals representing pharmaceutical manufacturers, health plans, pharmacy benefit managers (PBMs), trade organizations, consultants and equity research firms.

Rankings for the Patient Choice Awards are based on these organizations’ average Net Promoter Score from quarterly Zitter Insights Specialty Pharmacy Patient Satisfaction Surveys. Finalists for this annual award are selected for achieving the highest patient satisfaction scores in one of two categories: A) PBM/Payer Specialty Pharmacy or B) Non-PBM/Payer Specialty Pharmacy.

The team at Zitter Insights, which is now a part of MMIT, the industry standard in formulary, policy and restriction data, is proud to announce the following finalists for the 2019 Patient Choice Awards:

Payer/PBM-Based Specialty Pharmacies:
• CVS Specialty
• Humana Specialty Pharmacy
• US Specialty Care

Retail/Independent/Hospital and Health System Specialty Pharmacies:
• BioPlus Specialty Pharmacy
• Credena Health (Providence)
• Onco360 Oncology Pharmacy
• PANTHERx Specialty Pharmacy
• Vanderbilt University Medical Center Specialty Pharmacy

The winner in each category will be announced during the Patient Choice Awards in the fall of 2019. Additional information on the event will be distributed later in the year.

A core element of MMIT’s philosophy is recognizing industry leaders who help to simplify complex healthcare challenges – in this case, specialty pharmacies. In this same vein, the organization will continue to heavily invest in the Specialty Pharmacy Patient Choice Awards and bring awareness to the outstanding performance of the organizations who lead this industry into the future of healthcare.