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Top managers throughout the health care industry rely on AIS’s electronic and print products and services for their important management decisions, regulatory strategies and business solutions:

  • Health plans
  • Hospitals, health systems, medical groups and other providers
  • Pharma companies and PBMs
  • Agents, brokers and vendors
  • Employee benefit departments

… and their advisers in legal, consulting, actuarial and investment firms.

Download our Media Kit to review these advertising channels that exist for driving your organization’s products and services to this large and influential sector of health care decision makers:

  • Special Health Plan Campaign Package
  • Broadcast a Custom E-Mail Blast
  • Sponsor an AIS E-Newsletter
  • Advertise on
  • Include Your Insert in AIS’s Premier Paid Subscription Newsletters
  • Publicize Your Organization’s Services, Case Study or Survey Results With an AIS Webinar

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