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AIS Health is a publishing and information company that has served the health care industry for more than 30 years. Our mission is to provide objective and relevant business and strategic information for health care executives. We develop highly targeted news, data and analysis for managers at health insurance companies, pharmaceutical organizations, providers, purchasers and other health care industry stakeholders.

AIS Health maintains journalistic independence from our parent company, MMIT. Our company, and particularly our journalists and database researchers, are committed to integrity in reporting and bringing transparency to health industry data.

We are located in downtown Washington, D.C., three blocks from The White House. Our staff includes writers, reporters, editors, graphic designers, marketers and customer service reps with many years of experience in designing, producing and delivering specialized B2B information.

AIS Health's products and services for health care managers may be viewed at the AIS Marketplace and on AISHealthData.com.

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