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From Medicare Advantage News - Two new reports examining the quality of care received by Medicare Advantage enrollees reveal several nuances in the patient experience as reported by ethnic/racial group and gender, as well as “sizable differences” in the quality of treatment for certain conditions among MA beneficiaries, such as black and white men with rheumatoid arthritis, observes CMS. Read more

From Health Plan Week - Neighborhood Health Plan is touting what it describes as a unique strategy to continue growing its commercial line of business in Massachusetts’ highly competitive marketplace. The plan is proactively offering money-back guarantees on prompt, efficient customer service to new large- and mid-sized employer-customers signing up groups for coverage. Read more

From Health Plan Week - Health plans beware: Industry experts predict it will take several months for final action on the Trump administration’s newly revived push to overhaul the Affordable Care Act (ACA). Read more

From Medicare Advantage News - Blue Cross Blue Shield of Massachusetts this month introduced a new home-based initiative that will serve Medicare Advantage members with multiple chronic conditions and has the potential to generate long-term savings by cutting down on emergency room and inpatient utilization. The Blues insurer says the program is the first of its kind in New England and aligns with CMS star ratings objectives. Through a partnership with Landmark Health, LLC, eligible members… Read more

From Drug Benefit News - A group of commercially insured members with diabetes cost two-and-a-half times what a similar group without the condition cost, according to a recent analysis of pharmacy and medical claims data. But when members with diabetes took a statin to prevent heart disease per 2013 updated guidelines, their risk for having a cardiovascular event dropped by more than 23%, according to a second study of the same patient population. Read more

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