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From Drug Benefit News - Narrow pharmacy networks are becoming more commonplace throughout the market, as plan sponsors realize they can reduce prescription drug costs through improved dispensing fees and other discounts with little member disruption. But in order to successfully implement a narrow or tiered network, plans must deploy a varied communication strategy with both members and providers, advised three pharmacy experts during the Aug. Read more

From Drug Benefit News - When it comes to targeting patients for medication adherence interventions, many health plans continue to rely on pharmacy claim “triggers” such as a prescription not being picked up and retrospective adherence measures such as a medication possession ratio below 80% for a certain period of time. But only 7% of plans recently surveyed by AllazoHealth are using the newer method of predictive analytics to prioritize patients at risk of not… Read more

Pharmacy Benefit Management Blog

By Lauren Flynn Kelly - September 16, 2014
Earlier this year, the category of compounded medications became a top concern for payers as PBMs like Catamaran Corp. and Express Scripts Holding Co. identified unprecedented utilization and cost increases associated with these specialized drugs in 2013. As a result, many payers have undertaken...
By Angela Maas - September 2, 2014
The FDA recently disclosed that it would issue draft guidance on regulating laboratory developed tests (LDTs). But while some stakeholders have been calling for the guidance, others are staunchly opposed to it. On July 31, the agency issued a document containing “anticipated details” of its draft...
By Lauren Flynn Kelly - August 21, 2014
Earlier this month, CVS Caremark Corp. and Express Scripts Holding Co. released updates to their 2015 formulary exclusion lists. CVS Caremark now excludes nearly 100 products from its Standard Formulary and automatically will leave out new-to-market products, including line extensions and new...

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