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From Specialty Pharmacy News - Consumer advocacy groups in California and Florida have taken various actions against health plans and their coverage of HIV/AIDS drugs and requirements for members who take them. And while Consumer Watchdog and The AIDS Institute, in conjunction with The National Health Law Program (NHeLP), are taking somewhat different approaches, they are united in the contention that these members are being discriminated against, and the Affordable Care Act (ACA) bans health plans from discriminating against people on the basis of disability. Read more

From Drug Benefit News - While PBMs have been giving significant attention to the rising cost of compounded medications (see story, above), another traditional category that’s driving trend at an alarming rate is diabetes. According to recent trend reports, PBMs observed double-digit increases in diabetes drug costs in 2013, largely due to inflation. Read more

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By Lauren Flynn Kelly - August 7, 2014
During recent conference calls to discuss the publicly traded PBMs’ second-quarter 2014 earnings, there was less talk of the role narrow and/or preferred pharmacy networks are playing in the 2015 selling season than there has been in recent years. Consultants say that nearly all the PBMs now...
By Angela Maas - July 31, 2014
Could a larger movement against specialty drugs placed on high formulary tiers be spurred by the actions of consumer advocacy groups in California and Florida against health plans and their coverage of HIV/AIDS drugs and requirements for members who take them? Consumer Watchdog and The AIDS...
By Lauren Flynn Kelly - July 15, 2014
In the July 11 issue of Drug Benefit News, we profiled the complex category of diabetes treatments, which has some 380 products in various stages of clinical development. But with a wide array of treatment options comes the challenge of keeping patients on their medications. Next to high...

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