Just Published: Pharmacy Benefit Trends & Data: 2000-2009 Survey Results
Atlantic Information Services, Inc. (AIS) - December 8, 2009 - Washington, DC

AIS, publisher of industry-leading newsletters, Drug Benefit News and Specialty Pharmacy News, is pleased to announce the availability of its newest resource, 2000-2009 Survey Results: Pharmacy Benefit Trends and Data. This book and CD companion captures PBM membership and market share data from 2nd quarter 2000 to 2nd quarter 2009. Visit http://www.aishealth.com/Products/dru.html for more information.

Pharmacy Benefit Trends and Data reports the top benchmarks on the entire books of business for PBMs, including: prescription volume, drug spend, covered lives, annual gross revenues, mail order market share, and more. It provides the health care industry with the information they need to:

  • Discover where there's an opportunity for cost containment by looking at average ingredient costs, dispensing fees and actual amounts paid.
  • Determine the point at which the copay differential (the price difference between one tier and the next) actively influences consumer behavior.
  • Evaluate formulary structure by looking at the average number of drugs, broken down into brand (both single- and multi-source) and generic (MAC and non-MAC), as well as lives covered by formulary.
  • Identify the most widely-utilized prescription products at each PBM.
  • Analyze utilization volume by benefit tier.
  • Develop projections about the effect of a slight decrease in prescription volume on the overall growth trend.
  • Analyze drug spend by 11 top therapeutic categories and see which areas have had the biggest shifts.

Go to http://www.aishealth.com/Products/dru.html to view the entire list of data fields and a detailed Table of Contents.

For the last ten years, results of AIS's quarterly surveys have been used by:

  • Health plans … to set copay levels for drug plans, and determine which PBM vendors and programs are effective for managing pharmacy costs.
  • PBMs ... to compare performance benchmarks with their competitiors.
  • Financial industry analysts ... to gain a clear and unbiased view of the competitive PBM and specialty pharmacy industries.
  • Pharmaceutical manufacturers ... for tracking general trends in pharmacy benefit management and utilization.
  • Specialty pharmacy providers ... for background and benchmarking comparisons with other SPPs as well as PBMs shipping injectable and infusible medications.
  • Government officials and policy makers ... to get insight into the likely impact of prospective mergers and acquisitions, and to help them develop government-run pharmacy programs and identify potential bidders for contracts.

With company-specific data, notations on mergers, consolidations and acquisitions, and brief company histories, Pharmacy Benefit Trends and Data provides insight into the influence of smaller PBM entities on the industry, as well as discern the impact of “captive” PBMs, which represent their parent company’s interests before their own profit motive. For more information, visit http://www.aishealth.com/Products/dru.html.

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