Just Published: Health Plan Facts, Trends and Data: 2009-2010
Atlantic Information Services, Inc. (AIS) - September 9, 2009 - Washington, DC

AIS, publisher of industry-leading newsletters, Health Plan Week, Drug Benefit News and Medicare Advantage News, is pleased to announce publication of Health Plan Facts, Trends and Data: 2009-2010. This new resource contains valuable information on important trends that are re-shaping the health care industry; reliable data to help track and analyze health plan enrollment and financial trends; plus directories and other resources to address the challenges and opportunities ahead with the best information available. Visit http://www.aishealth.com/Products/mfb.html for more information.

Spanning 14 chapters, this comprehensive resource features coverage of:

  • Health plan financial performance, health reform initiatives, Blue Cross/Blue Shield plan trends and data, and benefit design and CDH trends.
  • Pharmacy benefit management news and strategies, Medicare Advantage and Part D business strategies, and the latest on managed Medicaid markets.
  • The latest health plan developments in provider contracting, health plan tools and technology, and health promotion and disease management strategies.
  • Health plan company news and events, legal issues, federal regulations, and health plan resources and directories.

Not only does Health Plan Facts, Trends and Data: 2009-2010 provide an insider look at new strategies and programs that health plans have implemented or are planning to implement, it features key information on the hottest issues facing the industry today! These include:

  • Federal and State Employee Health Benefits Programs
  • Strategies and Challenges for the Individual Market
  • Impact of the Economy on Health Plans
  • State Reform
  • Coverage Expansions
  • Retail Clinics
  • The Ingenix Legal Battle ... and much, much more.

Packed with reporting and analysis that charts the impact of events so you can quickly develop an understanding of possible implications for your organization, Health Plan Facts, Trends and Data 2009-2010 is the ideal resource for addressing your toughest health plan business challenges. Go to http://www.aishealth.com/Products/mfb.html for more detailed information today.

About Atlantic Information Services (AIS) AIS develops highly targeted news, data and strategies for managers in hospitals, health plans, medical group practices, pharmaceutical companies and other health care organizations. Learn more at www.AISHealth.com.

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