Industry Leaders Weigh In on Likely Changes to the Health Plan Industry Under the Obama Administration and New Congress
AIS’s Health Plan Week - November 17, 2008 - Washington, DC

The Obama administration and new Congress promise to bring dramatic changes to the health plan industry. The Nov. 10 issue of Health Plan Week provides an in-depth analysis of potential changes and their possible effect on health plans’ bottom lines. Go to to read the full story.

This issue of Health Plan Week contains highlights from exclusive interviews with nearly 20 industry observers and four newly elected state health insurance commissioners, bringing you a balanced look at what experts think is likely to happen. Questions addressed include:

  • With a stronger Democratic majority in both the House and the Senate, will the expected cuts in MA be great enough to force health plans to exit certain markets – or the program altogether? And what is the likelihood that MA plans will be able to justify their current reimbursement rates by demonstrating results in enhanced quality and outcomes?
  • President-Elect Obama’s proposal of creating state-run health insurance exchanges may be too bold to make happen right away, but what are the chances that Sen. Kennedy’s behind-the-scenes efforts to craft sweeping reform will speed up the clock on implementation?
  • Funding for SCHIP is likely to be one of the first health care issues addressed in 2009 – how does this translate into opportunities for health plans that specialize in Medicaid managed care?
  • The unemployment rate is at a 14-year high and is predicted to be a factor in driving Medicaid enrollee numbers up, but will shrinking state budgets push carriers out of the business?

  • Although only 11 states have elected state health commissioners, four of the five posts up for election this year were won by Democrats, who all say reform is their top priority. How may these efforts translate into greater regulatory hassles for health plans?

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