Just Announced: Groundbreaking Privacy and Security Measures in President Obama’s Stimulus Package to be Addressed in March 11 Audioconference by Sonnenschein Nath & Rosenthal’s Veteran HIPAA Attorney Reece Hirsch
Atlantic Information Services, Inc. (AIS) - February 23, 2009 - Washington, DC

The mammoth economic stimulus legislation signed by President Obama on Feb. 17 contains the most significant changes to federal health care privacy and security law since the enactment of HIPAA.

The new law includes new patient privacy and security requirements that will affect virtually all hospitals and other providers, health plans, and other HIPAA covered entities (CEs), as well as HIPAA business associates. It also regulates “business associates,” includes a strong security breach notice requirement, tightens rules on when PHI can be used for marketing, modifies the accounting for PHI disclosures, increases penalties for noncompliance, and funds significantly more aggressive enforcement.

For details on how organizations can incorporate this groundbreaking new law into their existing HIPAA compliance programs, AIS, publisher of Report on Patient Privacy, is hosting an audioconference on March 11, Major New HIPAA Requirements: How to Comply With Strong Privacy and Security Measures Signed by President Obama. For details, visit http://www.aishealth.com/Products/C9C06_031109.html.

Piggybacked onto new electronic health records legislation, which was a high priority in President Obama’s stimulus package, new privacy and security measures in the HITECH Act (which is included in the American Recovery and Reinvestment Act of 2009) are now federal requirements for HIPAA covered entities ... which must now understand and comply with them.

This is not another round of proposals from some federal subcommittee or privacy advocacy group. This is now federal law, and the financial penalties for noncompliance — in addition to the horrid publicity organizations get for privacy breaches and findings of noncompliance — will increase significantly in the near future.

The March 11 audioconference featuring veteran HIPAA attorney Reece Hirsch, with Sonnenschein Nath & Rosenthal LLP will outlines the specific steps your organization must take soon to comply with:

  • New requirements related to “covered entities” and “business associates,”
  • The strong new federal security breach notification law,
  • New guidance for satisfying the “minimum necessary” standard,
  • Tighter rules on when PHI can be used for marketing purposes,
  • New rules for fundraising communications,
  • New measures for accounting for PHI disclosures in electronic health records,
  • Stiffer penalties for noncompliance ... and heightened federal enforcement

Visit http://www.aishealth.com/Products/C9C06_031109.html for more information on complying with these tough new HIPAA privacy requirements.

Contact: Shelly Beaird-Francois Atlantic Information Services, Inc. 202-775-9008 x3064 sbeaird-francois@aispub.com


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