Expert Panel to Discuss Drug Pricing Models in Jan. 27 AIS Webinar
Atlantic Information Services, Inc. (AIS) - January 19, 2016 - Washington, DC

As drug prices continue to escalate and new agents enter the market at higher and higher prices, plan sponsors have shown increasing interest in performance-based or outcomes-based drug purchasing arrangements with manufacturers. On Jan. 27, a panel of experts will discuss various drug pricing models and tactics for executing pharmacy-based risk-sharing arrangements during “Strategies for Making Value-Based Rx Deals in a Volume-Based World,” a webinar sponsored by Atlantic Information Services, Inc. (AIS).

In 60 minutes of presentations followed by 30 minutes devoted to individual questions, Brian Anderson and Jason Gomberg of Milliman, Jeff Eichholz, Pharm.D., of Express Scripts Holding Co., and Dan Ollendorf, Ph.D., of the Institute for Clinical and Economic Review, will get valuable strategic insights on key questions such as:

  • What types of pharmacy-based risk-sharing arrangements exist in the marketplace today and which ones are still emerging? What are the key components of each?
  • What types of outcomes can payers track in order to ensure the price they’re paying for a drug is consistent with its benefits?
  • For what classes of traditional or specialty therapeutics will outcomes-based deals work most effectively?
  • What steps did Express Scripts take in order to implement its groundbreaking indication-specific pricing model for oncology drugs? What other categories of drugs are next for Express Scripts’ application of that model?
  • How are independent, third-party organizations — such as the Institute for Clinical and Economic Review (ICER) and the Memorial Sloan Kettering DrugAbacus — working to determine the value of certain cancer drugs and other agents? How can indication-specific or performance-based pricing be executed within that framework?
  • What regulatory hurdles exist for both manufacturers and payers in executing certain types of value-based Rx contracts? How could Medicaid “best price” determinations impact future deals?

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