New AIS Report Offers Timely Intelligence on Dual-Eligibles Demos
Atlantic Information Services, Inc. (AIS) - August 13, 2015 - Washington, DC

Atlantic Information Services, Inc. (AIS) is pleased to announce the publication of Dual-Eligibles Demos: Early Results and Their Implications, the latest report in its Management Insight Series, offering timely intelligence about efforts to provide integrated care programs for beneficiaries who are dually eligible for Medicare and Medicaid.

Covering both CMS-backed and state programs, Dual-Eligibles Demos: Early Results and Their Implications includes strategic information and details about:

  • Overcoming slow starts and high opt-out rates without having to change the overall structure of already-begun duals initiatives.
  • Effective ways to contact passively enrolled duals and get them into regular primary care.
  • Coping with significantly greater than expected behavioral-health needs of duals…without breaking the bank.
  • Combating provider resistance to duals initiatives in proactive ways that will help achieve clinical and financial objectives.
  • The biggest surprises in the health status of the initial beneficiaries enrolled in the initiatives.
  • Whether the “demonstration authority” structure is getting in the way of demonstration success.
  • How engaged in model-of-care assessments providers have been in the duals initiatives, and what strategies can increase engagement.

Dual-Eligibles Demos: Early Results and Their Implications also includes a case study of the nation’s largest CMS-backed duals demo in California, covering: the high opt-out rate in Los Angeles County; what plans and the state have been doing to reduce provider and advocacy-organization resistance to the demo; how successful plans have been in getting beneficiaries into appropriate levels of medical care, and what has worked most effectively; and whether the payment rates so far have been adequate for integrated care of the duals.

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