AIS’s Employer Health Plan Database and Directories Organizes Millions of Health Insurance Data Points Collected under the ERISA Law
Atlantic Information Services, Inc. (AIS) - June 7, 2012 - Washington, DC

Atlantic Information Services (AIS), publisher of AIS’s Directory of Health Plans is pleased to announce publication of AIS’s Employer Health Plan Database and Directories: 2012. This powerful tool for health plans, third-party administrators, employers, consultants and vendors contains valuable intelligence on plans, sponsors, markets, fees and charges, business relationships and much more. See full product details at

AIS has extracted and organized millions of health insurance data points collected under the ERISA law to produce a wealth of information designed to meet specialized information needs. AIS’s Employer Health Plan Database and Directories: 2012 enables users to:

  • See which health insurance carriers serve which employer clients.
  • Discover which employers contract with which health insurance carriers, TPAs and brokers.
  • Get details on the premiums, commissions and fees paid to each vendor/carrier.
  • Determine the makeup of the market sector for each insurance carrier by number of employer clients and participants, funding arrangements, and industries and states served.
  • Track employer health plan participation by industry and/or geography.
  • Create targeted mailing lists and call lists to network and generate leads for prospective new partners and clients.

AIS’s Employer Health Plan Database and Directories includes the database (with nine companion directories) on CD, as well as the Executive Summary. See complete tables of contents of the CD and Executive Summary at

This user-friendly CD database contains extensive Excel spreadsheets and PDF reports with health plan data, analysis and mailing lists for: multiemployer insured and self-insured plans, single employer insured and self-insured plans, health insurance carriers, third party administrators, health insurance brokers and agents, and service providers, such as claims processors and plan administrators.

The CD also contains:

  • Full spreadsheets of all the data used to create the tables and charts in the Executive Summary,
  • Background information about the ERISA law and the filing process, and
  • Samples of the forms, schedules and instructions used by the Dept. of Labor to collect the health plan data under ERISA.

AIS’s Employer Health Plan Database and Directories was designed and assembled by Susan Namovicz-Peat, who has been managing the best-selling AIS’s Directory of Health Plans for more than 10 years and is one of the nation’s foremost health business database researchers. It is produced by Atlantic Information Services, Inc., which has been serving health care business leaders for more than 25 years with timely business and regulatory news, specialized data and strategic information.

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