April 17 Webinar: Experts Detail Latest Intelligence on CO-OPs as an Alternative to Traditional Insurance
Atlantic Information Services, Inc. (AIS) - April 13, 2012 - Washington, DC

Atlantic Information Services, Inc., publisher of Health Plan Week and AIS’s Health Reform Week, is pleased to announce its April 17 webinar, The Rise of CO-OPs: Can Streamlined Processes and New Payment Models Help CO-OPs Woo Members From Established Insurers? See webinar details at http://aishealth.com/marketplace/c2r16_041712.

The Obama administration is betting billions on the future of nonprofit Consumer Operated and Oriented Plans (CO-OPs). When the new entities begin enrolling members late next year, they intend to win some market share from established health insurance companies … although many industry observers question whether that’s possible. The reform law envisions establishing at least one CO-OP in each state to compete against existing health insurance companies in the small-group and individual markets. Groups that are building the new entities contend they will be able to offer health coverage that is less expensive and more appealing than more traditional options. But how much of an impact will they really have?

During the webinar a panel of experts will detail the latest intelligence on CO-OPs, and how they intend to attract members and compete against established players. Webinar participants will get answers to these and other questions:

  • Should health insurers be concerned about the rise of CO-OPs?
  • How do CO-OPs intend to offer lower coverage costs?
  • Could the new entities prompt health insurers to reevaluate business practices and payment models?
  • Will state and federal regulators be tough on the new entities, or will CO-OPs receive special treatment?
  • What will CO-OP products look like? Will brokers and agents be used to promote them?
  • What hurdles do CO-OPs face in becoming licensed insurance companies or HMOs in their states?
  • How much volume will they need to be self-sustaining?
  • Why would an individual or small group choose a CO-OP over a traditional insurer?
  • What challenges do CO-OPs face in building provider networks? Will they be able to offer providers something new?
  • Will CO-OPs sell coverage outside of the exchanges?

After a 60-minute presentation, a concluding 30-minute question-and-answer session will allow webinar participants to pose individual questions to the speakers. Visit http://aishealth.com/marketplace/c2r16_041712#speakers to learn more about the speakers:

  • Courtney White, principal consulting actuary at Milliman, a company that has helped more than 30 CO-OPs complete their applications to HHS.

  • Jordan Battani, a principal researcher in CSC’s Global Institute of Emerging Healthcare Practices Group, where she focuses on implications of health reform for the health plan and payer industry.

  • Robert Connolly, president of the board at the Common Ground Healthcare Cooperative, a Wisconsin-based not-for-profit that recently was awarded a $56.4 million federal loan.

Visit http://aishealth.com/marketplace/c2r16_041712 for more details and registration information.

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