New Strategies to Harness the Limitless Potential of Mobile Apps Detailed by Three Health Plan Executives
Atlantic Information Services, Inc. (AIS) - March 2, 2012 - Washington, DC

Atlantic Information Services, Inc., publisher of Health Plan Week and Drug Benefit News, is pleased to announce its March 29 webinar, Health Insurer Strategies to Harness the Limitless Potential of Mobile Smart Devices. See webinar details at

For health insurers, the soaring popularity of mobile smartphones and tablet devices has created great new opportunities to connect with members, physicians and brokers. As these devices increasingly replace desktop computers over the next decade, it’s critical for health plans to stay ahead of the curve technologically. But while these tools offer almost limitless potential, those who manage health plans are faced with a litany of questions, including which functions and data are most suitable for mobile? What safeguards and procedures are advisable? What expectations are reasonable, including the ROI you could see from mobile apps?

On March 29 three health plan executives will detail what new strategies they’re using to harness the limitless power of mobile apps. Participants will get detailed information on topics including:

  • How to design the most effective payer apps,

  • Strategies for overcoming historical barriers to consumer adoption and engagement,

  • How to evolve your organization to deliver great apps: structure, process, people,

  • Strategies for using apps in member care management,

  • How apps can be combined with social media websites to promote member health,

  • Valuable lessons learned from other industries, such as banking, travel, retail and gaming, and

  • How payer apps could eventually drive the health app revolution.

After a 60-minute presentation, a concluding 30-minute question-and-answer session will allow webinar participants to pose individual questions to the speakers. Visit to learn more about the speakers:

  • Dave Passavant, senior director of consumer innovation at UPMC Health Plan.

  • Patrick Feeney, director of mobile and emerging technologies at Blue Cross Blue Shield of Illinois.

  • Julie King, mobile executive business lead at Humana Inc.

Visit for more details and registration information.

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