Experts Discuss Changes in the New Medicare ACO Regs and Whether They will Provide Sufficient Incentives for the Industry
Atlantic Information Services, Inc. (AIS) - November 4, 2011 - Washington, DC

Atlantic Information Services, Inc., publisher of ACO Business News, AIS’s Health Reform Week and Health Plan Week is pleased to announce its November 15 webinar, Final ACO Regulations: Will Medicare ACOs Now ‘Work’ and Attract Greater Industry Interest? See webinar details at

CMS’s final rulemaking on the Medicare Shared Savings Program, released on Oct. 20, made a concerted effort to address industry frustrations and concerns. Significant revisions were made to the program’s risk tracks, beneficiary assignment and quality measures to help ease the burden on interested applicants. But did the agency go far enough to make this program more attractive to providers? At the end of the day, what types of providers, and how many, are likely to apply for this voluntary Medicare program?

During the webinar, experts William MacBain from Gorman Health Group, LLC, and Todd Cozzens from Optum, will discuss the implications of the new ACO regulations and what paths health plans and providers are likely to take as a result. Participants will receive answers to questions like:

  • What steps did CMS take to make this program more attractive to potential participants, in terms of reducing financial risk, decreasing the number of quality measures, changing from retrospective to prospective assignment, and providing assistance to rural providers?

  • Do these changes go far enough to overcome strong industry concerns with the program? How much interest is there now likely to be?

  • How will the new proposals influence the sort of governance structures that will prevail? Are most ACOs likely to be physician-led, or will hospitals dominate?

  • If patients can “opt out” of data sharing in Medicare ACOs, what incentive will they have to stay in these delivery models?

  • To what extent will the Medicare Shared Savings Program’s reliance on fee-for-service be its downfall? How can this be overcome?

  • What impact are these regs likely to have on the continued development of private-sector ACOs?

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