June 21 Webinar Will Offer the Latest Thinking on Insurance Exchanges’ Potentially Gigantic Impact on the Health Insurance Industry
Atlantic Information Services, Inc. (AIS) - June 13, 2011 - Washington, DC

More than any other provision of the health reform law, insurance exchanges will forever change the way individuals and small businesses purchase coverage. AIS’s June 21 webinar, Insurance Exchanges: How Health Plans and Employers Should Prepare for the Radical Changes Ahead, will offer the latest thinking on the impending new world of insurance exchanges and their potentially gigantic impact on the industry. See webinar details at http://aishealth.com/marketplace/c1m21_062111.

If many employers move workers out of company-sponsored benefits and into exchanges, clear winners and losers in the insurance industry will emerge. While health insurers that specialize in managed Medicaid will be necessary participants, insurers with expertise in the individual and small-group markets could also have an advantage. And while the marketplace outside of the exchanges could be lucrative for health insurers, the threat of adverse selection within the exchanges could prompt restrictive rules or completely eliminate the outside market for individual and small-group plans.

During the webinar, a panel of industry insiders will address these and other key questions:

  • Are the rules strong enough to protect the exchanges from being stuck with an unhealthy risk pool? Will state lawmakers try to restrict the sale of products sold outside of the exchanges?
  • What should you expect in guidance on exchanges that is expected to be released soon?
  • Which health plans are likely to have a competitive advantage over other players in the exchanges, and why?
  • How will experiences in Massachusetts and Utah shape other exchanges?
  • Coverage for specialty services, from chiropractic to hearing and vision, won’t be offered through the exchanges. Does that open the door for the market outside of exchanges?
  • Will brokers be a part of the exchanges, or will they be competitors?

After a high-level 60-minute roundtable discussion, a concluding 30-minute question-and-answer session will allow webinar participants to pose individual questions to the panel. Visit http://aishealth.com/marketplace/c1m21_062111#speakers to learn more about the speakers:

  • Rosemarie Day, a consultant and founding deputy director and chief operating officer of Massachusetts' health insurance exchange, which launched in 2006;
  • JoAnn Volk, a research professor at the Georgetown University Health Policy Institute who recently co-authored a paper that examined the Massachusetts and Utah exchanges;
  • Vince Ashton, executive director of the New York Health Purchasing Alliance (HealthPass New York), an 11-year-old commercial health insurance exchange for small employers; and
  • Sam Gibbs, senior vice president at eHealth Inc., the parent company of eHealthInsurance services, which is working with HHS to develop an exchange-like Web portal.

As states develop their exchanges, every element of the health insurance business — from product design to the bottom line – could be impacted. AIS’s June 21 webinar will define the steps health plans and employers can take to prepare. Visit http://aishealth.com/marketplace/c1m21_062111 for more details and registration information.

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