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August 2015

Recent Stories of Interest

From Report on Patient Privacy - In the last few months, the protected health information (PHI) of a staggering number of patients has been accessed, thanks to “sophisticated cyber attacks” perpetrated by hackers, perhaps working for the Chinese government. First, Anthem, Inc. gave notice on Feb. 5 that some 80 million records had been breached (RPP 3/15, p. 1). Premera Blue Cross followed suit on March 17, with 11 million records at issue (RPP 4/15, p. 1). Then, on May 20, CareFirst BlueCross BlueShield added another 1.1 million to the pot (RPP 6/15, p. 1). In June, the hits kept on coming. Read more

No covered entity is an island. Covered entities (CEs) collect and share protected… Read more

Coming on the heels of record-setting breaches by Anthem, Inc. and Premera… Read more

Although it has been available for a decade or so, the cyber… Read more

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RPP subscribers can now access an extensive report with all the details of the new HIPAA/HITECH regulations, prepared by RPP Editor Francie Fernald. This report summarizes the amendments to the regulatory language and highlights the clarifications that HHS discusses in the preamble to the rule. It has two parts:

  1. Revisions to the breach notification rules, and
  2. Revisions to the HIPAA privacy and security rules and the HHS OIG enforcement rules mandated by the HITECH Act.

Click here to read the report (PDF file).

July 31, 2015
Ind. AG Tells Hoosiers to Freeze Credit After Breach

Ind. Attorney General Greg Zoeller is urging Hoosiers to freeze their credit following the data breach at Medical Informatics Engineering, which potentially compromised 1.5 million records. A lawsuit has been filed against the vendor.

July 28, 2015
NIST Publishes Guidance on Mobile Devices

The National Institute of Standards and Technology released draft guidance on securing ‪health care‬ data on mobile devices.

July 17, 2015
UCLA Health System Hacked, 4.5M Patients Potentially Affected

‪UCLA Health System announced a ‪data breach‬ of up to 4.5 million records. The hospital said the attackers were in the system as early as September 2014.

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