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November 24, 2014

Recent Stories of Interest

From Report on Medicare Compliance - Medicare will start paying physician practices for chronic care management on Jan. 1, and has carved out an exception to the direct supervision requirement for incident-to billing, which is often a compliance quagmire, to encourage the effective use of the services, according to the 2015 Medicare physician fee schedule regulation published on Nov. 13. There are strings attached, however, including the documentation of a care plan for patients with two or more chronic conditions and the use of interoperable electronic health records. Read more

An industry that has been hungering for more clarity on the 340B… Read more

Some hospitals have the illusion they are submitting admission orders to their… Read more

When the electronic health records of a physician at one hospital were… Read more

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November 25, 2014
HHS Releases Improper Medicare Payment Info

HHS released the latest improper Medicare payments information as part of its annual financial report.

November 19, 2014
Justice Dept. Announces Revenue From Civil, Criminal Actions

The Justice Department collected $24.7B in civil and criminal actions in FY 2014, three times more than in FY 2013.

November 19, 2014
Two Court Decisions Impact Use of HIPAA in Lawsuits

The Connecticut Supreme Court overturned a lower court and will allow HIPAA to be used as the standard of care in a negligence lawsuit. Emily Byrne v. Avery Center for Obstetrics and Gynecology, P.C., SC 18904 (Nov. 11, 2014).

And the Indiana Court of Appeals issued its decision upholding the $1.44 million verdict against Walgreens because of a pharmacist’s unauthorized access to and disclosure of a customer’s prescription records. Walgreen Co. vs. Hinchy, No. 49A02-1311-CT-950 (Nov. 14, 2014).

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