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April 9, 2015

Recent Stories of Interest

From Medicare Advantage News - A rising medical cost trend will wind up helping Medicare Advantage plans’ payment rates for 2016, as CMS in its final 2016 payment notice issued April 6 turned what it had calculated as a 0.95% net pay cut in the advance notice Feb. 20 into a 1.25% increase. But consultants queried by MAN say this good news for plans also probably accounted for CMS’s decision to keep its proposal to fully phase in the agency’s new risk-adjustment system, which figures without the other offsets to cut MA plans’ pay an average of 1.7%, since it felt the insurers benefited enough from the cost-trend revision to be able to absorb that hit. Read more

In an unusual alliance, hashed out over an 18-month period and marrying… Read more

As Congress neared a vote this week on a bill that finally… Read more

Facing the likelihood that both unexpected and inherent difficulties in integrating care… Read more

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April 15, 2015
SGR Repeal Easily Clears Senate

The doc-fix bill repealing the sustainable growth rate passed the Senate April 14 with little problem.

April 9, 2015
AHIP Report on Medicaid Pharmacy Carve-ins Saving More Than Carve-outs

To view the April 1 report by The Menges Group for the America's Health Insurance Plans trade group on Medicaid managed care pharmacy carve-ins saving more than carve-outs, click here

April 9, 2015
CMS's Final 2016 MA Payment Notice and Call Letter

To view CMS's final Medicare Advantage payment notice and MA and Part D Call Letter, released Apr. 6, 2015, click here

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