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March 2, 2015

Recent Stories of Interest

From Health Plan Week - Flu activity remains high into early February, but the impact has been spotty for health insurers in an industry constantly on the lookout for any change in medical utilization rates. UnitedHealth Group, for example, did not mention the flu in its latest quarterly earnings conference call for the fourth quarter of 2014, declaring in a broader sense that medical costs heading into 2015 were fully under control. On the other hand, WellCare Health Plans, Inc., in its Feb. 11 earnings call said it took a major hit from increases in medical utilization caused by the flu, deflating earnings as a result of members falling ill in its Medicaid and Medicare markets. Read more

March 4 is the date the Supreme Court has scheduled for oral… Read more

While Anthem, Inc. unravels the severe data breach it experienced on Jan.… Read more

Six state Medicaid programs have turned away from the Average Wholesale Price… Read more

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February 27, 2015
HHS Posts Traffic Stats From Week 14 of Open Enrollment

HHS posted a statistical breakdown of week 14 of open enrollment.

February 26, 2015
Congress Grills CEO CEO grilled in Congressional hearing, warned he is damaging debate on ‪ACA‬.

February 23, 2015
Credit Suisse Meets With Aetna CEO

Credit Suisse meets with Aetna CEO, execs in London, continues to favor over all other managed care stocks.

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