AIS’s Medicare and Medicaid Market Data: 2016

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  • Pub Code: GFB20-11WEB
  • Pages: Approximately 400
  • ISBN: 978-1-939721-18-1
  • Copyright 2016

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AIS’s Medicare and Medicaid Market Data: 2016

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A valuable resource with information on premium rates, benefit designs, enrollment, contacts, trends and strategies on the Medicare Advantage, Medicare Part D and managed Medicaid programs. Packed with practical data and strategic information, it tracks the enrollment trends, plan design information and market share statistics that are required for an effective strategic planning process.

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AIS's Medicare and Medicaid Market Data provides up-to-date enrollment data to help you develop strategic plans.

AIS's Medicare and Medicaid Market Data: 2016 provides convenient access to up-to-date enrollment data so you can easily evaluate market share, make plan-by-plan or state-by-state comparisons, identify opportunities and develop strategies. It includes:

  • Data on Medicare Advantage (MA)/Medicare managed care, Medicare Part D, managed Medicaid and dual-eligibles enrollment and market share by state and by company — plus enrollment data for MA plans by county and by region.
  • Details on product offerings and enrollees by type of product.
  • Directories, with contact information, of MA, Medicaid, Part D, duals and special needs plans, and national, regional and state regulators.
  • Financial data and news of other company developments, such as market expansion and merger and acquisition activity.
  • Coverage of events and trends in the industry — payment rate changes, provider-sponsored MA plans, star ratings, dual-eligibles demos, recovery audit contractors, value-based insurance design, employer group waiver plans, physician and pharmacy network adequacy, states’ Medicaid initiatives and more.

AIS's Medicare and Medicaid Market Data: 2016 is packed with all-new information on enrollment, benefit designs, company activity and business trends for the Medicare Advantage, Medicare Part D and managed Medicaid programs. Reserve today and save!

CD Version Available for Easy Data Manipulation and Fast Searching! The CD version of AIS's Medicare and Medicaid Market Data is packed with Medicare and Medicaid data and analysis not contained in the print version. It provides:

  • Plan enrollment data at the national and state levels for Medicare HMOs.
  • Market data on numbers of eligibles — Medicare and duals.
  • Spreadsheets with premium rates, capitation rates, low-income subsidies and USPCCs.
  • Historical data of Medicare and Medicaid managed care plans.
  • Market overview data on dual-eligible programs and plans.
  • Part D plans with benefit structure, cost-sharing and enrollment data.
  • Mailing lists and all numeric data in convenient Excel spreadsheets.
  • A complete user-friendly PDF version of the book for fast searching.
  • Plus, all CD purchasers receive a free copy of the print version!

Multi-user site licenses for AIS's Medicare and Medicaid Market Data: 2016 are also available to save you money while providing an accurate data resource for analysts throughout your organization. Call Sales Director Bailey Sterrett at 202-775-9008 x3034 to learn more.

Table of Contents — Book Version

Chapter 1: Medicare Advantage Developments

  • Payment Rate Changes
  • Risk Adjustment and Assessment
  • Recovery Audit Contractors
  • Market Moves and Expansions
  • Sales and Marketing of MA Plans
  • Product Offerings for MA
    • Employer Group Waiver Plans
  • Provider-Sponsored MA Plans
  • Value-Based Insurance Design

Chapter 2: Medicare Advantage Star Ratings and Other Quality Initiatives

  • Fall 2015 Results
  • CMS Regulation and Guidance
    • Star Ratings for Duals
  • Impact on Performance
  • NCQA Ratings Analyses

Chapter 3: CMS Regulation of MA Physician and Pharmacy Networks and Other Barriers to Access

  • Network Adequacy
  • Coverage Determinations
  • Access to Pharmaceuticals

Chapter 4: Financial Performance and Organizational Developments of Medicare Advantage and Medicaid Plans

  • Financial Results
  • Timeline of Mergers and Acquisitions for Medicare and Medicaid Plans
  • Leadership Changes

Chapter 5: Dual Eligibles and Special Needs Plans
Featuring exclusive research from AIS’s Medicare-Medicaid Dual Eligibles Database (DUAL), which tracks the growth of all programs and plans serving the dual-eligible community.

  • Intro from DUAL
  • DUAL State Data
  • Extensions of Duals Demos
  • Duals Programs Outside CMS Demo
  • Special Needs Plans
  • Special Needs Plan Directory

Chapter 6: Medicare Managed Care Enrollment Trends and Market Share Data

  • Medicare Managed Care Enrollment Data
  • Managed Medicare Market Share Data

Chapter 7: Medicare Part D Prescription Drug Plan Data

  • Prescription Drug Enrollment and Market Share
  • Part D Premium and Deductible Data
  • Low-Income Subsidy
  • Directory of PDPs Sorted by Parent Organization

Chapter 8: Regional Managed Medicare Marketplace Data

Chapter 9: Medicare Advantage Plan Directory

  • MA, Cost, PACE and Demonstration Plans, With Enrollment as of April 2016

Chapter 10: Directory of National and Regional Medicare Regulators

Chapter 11: Managed Medicaid Developments

  • Medicaid Contract Awards and Market Expansions
  • State Initiatives

Chapter 12: Managed Medicaid Enrollment and Market Share Data

  • Managed Medicaid Enrollment Data
  • Managed Medicaid Market Share Data

Chapter 13: Directory of Medicaid Plans

Chapter 14: Directories of State Medicaid Regulators

  • State Medicaid Directors
  • State Insurance Commissioners
  • State Medicaid Pharmacy Directors

Click here to see a complete table of contents for the CD version (2015 Edition) (4-page PDF file).

Written By

AIS's Medicare and Medicaid Market Data is written and edited by the staff of Atlantic Information Services, Inc.

Written For

  • Health plan executives and directors of marketing and sales
  • Pharmaceutical manufacturers and pharmacy benefit managers
  • Hospital and health system executives
  • Group practice managers and managers of provider-sponsored plans
  • Actuaries, researchers and market analysts
  • Financial analysts and industry consultants
  • Business and strategic development managers
  • Federal, state and local regulators and legislators
  • Health plan benefit designers

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AIS’s Medicare and Medicaid Market Data: 2016

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