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Inside Health Insurance Exchanges

Provides hard-hitting news and strategies on public and private health insurance exchanges, written for business leaders with health plans, pharma companies, hospitals and health systems, brokers and agents, and exchange managers and vendors. The newsletter delivers reliable intelligence on this critical cornerstone of health reform — the players and their partners, product designs and enrollment results, employer perspectives and much more.

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Timely News and Strategies for Doing Business on Federal, State and Private Exchanges

The problems that hamstrung state and federally run exchanges a year ago have largely been resolved. But challenges remain for health plans expecting to turn a profit on public exchanges. Find out which carriers will be market leaders ... and which products will earn them the most market share.

While public exchanges are revolutionizing the non-group insurance market, there is an inevitability to private exchanges ultimately doing the same on the large- and small-group side.

Inside Health Insurance Exchanges is a monthly newsletter that provides a constant flow of market intelligence and answers to these and other big-dollar questions:

  • Who are the winners and losers on public and private exchanges? Which carriers are gaining the most members? Which of their products are selling the best?
  • Which Fortune 500 companies are expected to jump to private exchanges in the year ahead? Learn if the employer mandate will force small employers into private exchanges as well.
  • How will Sec. 1332 of the ACA radically change exchanges? This little-known, but open-ended provision gives states enormous flexibility beginning in 2017 and could result in substantial changes to exchanges in Republican- and Democratic-led states?
  • Why won’t ACA’s transitional risk-corridor program live up to promises? Which carriers are most at risk? What changes can we expect to see from HHS.
  • Why are hospital systems quietly launching their own health insurance subsidiaries? According to AIS data, there are now 256 provider-led health plans nationally, 75 of which are selling coverage on public exchanges. Are they doomed to repeat the mistakes of the past ... or do provider plans represent a real threat to insurers?

As a subscriber to Inside Health Insurance Exchanges, you will receive:

  • 12 monthly issues delivered First Class by U.S. Mail and also by e-mail (PDF),
  • 48 weekly HEX E-Alerts, with timely news of public and private insurance exchanges,
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Private and public exchanges both offer unprecedented growth opportunities for health insurers. Your competition is now positioning itself to make the most of this giant transformation taking place in the industry. Subscribe to Inside Health Insurance Exchanges today, and make sure you have the reliable news and sound business strategies that will help you succeed in the insurance marketplace of tomorrow!

Written By

Inside Health Insurance Exchanges is written by an experienced team of health business reporters led by Managing Editor Steve Davis and Executive Editor Jill Brown. With their extensive knowledge of health insurance and contacts throughout the industry, you’ll have intelligence that will help you succeed. The newsletter is published by AIS, which has been the industry’s #1 health care business publisher for more than 25 years, with Health Plan Week, Medicare Advantage News and Drug Benefit News among its dozens of highly regarded titles for health business leaders.

Written For

  • Health Plans
  • Hospitals and Health Systems
  • Physician Groups
  • Pharmaceutical Companies
  • Brokers and Agents
  • State Health Policy Leaders
  • Attorneys, Consultants and Financial Analysts

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Inside Health Insurance Exchanges

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