New Final Regulations Reinvent HIPAA Compliance: What Do They Mean for Hospitals and Other Covered Entities, Business Associates and ‘Subcontractors’?

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On Jan. 17, 2013, HHS’s Office for Civil Rights released its long-awaited final regulations that trigger radical changes in many of the HIPAA/HITECH requirements that covered entities (CEs) and business associates (BAs) must comply with. The regulations transform the relationship between CEs and BAs, spell out the new HIPAA compliance obligations of BAs and — for the first time — regulate a new type of HIPAA entity: “subcontractors.” The rule also requires modifications and a redistribution of the Notice of Privacy Practices, finalizes the enforcement regulation, prohibits health plans from using genetic information for underwriting (as called for under the Genetic Information Nondiscrimination Act), includes new provisions for patient authorizations for research, adds new restrictions related to marketing and fundraising, and, in one of the highlights of the rulemaking, replaces the controversial “harm” standard in breach notification rules with a four-step determination as to whether notification is required.

Veteran HIPAA attorney Reece Hirsch, with Morgan, Lewis & Bockius LLP in San Francisco, will highlight what you need to know about these extraordinary regulations and offer practical strategies for your organization’s patient privacy and data security compliance. Because of the enormity of this rulemaking and wide variety of issues it addresses, two webinars address everything you need to know about (a) business associates/subcontractors, and (b) the extensive laundry list of other new HIPAA/HITECH provisions.

Purchase one or both of these 90-minute webinars to learn what specific steps your organization must take to incorporate these exhaustive rules into your existing HIPAA privacy and security compliance programs.

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Feb 12
New Provisions for HIPAA Business Associates and Subcontractors

February 12, 2013 Webinar - Listen On-Demand or Get a CD!

Veteran HIPAA attorney Reece Hirsch summarizes and analyzes the brave new world of HIPAA business associates and subcontractors ... and provides tips and strategies for effective compliance by your organization. You’ll get answers to these and other complex questions:

  • What are the new obligations and liabilities of business associates?
  • How has the liability of covered entities changed?
  • How has the covered entity/business associate relationship changed?
  • Who are “subcontractors” and what are their new HIPAA obligations?
  • How should CEs and BAs now contract with/oversee their subcontractors?
  • What changes should be made in a CE’s business associate agreements?
  • What should happen if a breach takes place at the business associate level? The subcontractor level?

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Feb 13
New Privacy, Security and Breach Rules: What You Need to Know Now about Breaches, PHI Protections, NPPs, Fundraising, Research … and Much More

February 13, 2013 Webinar - Listen On-Demand or Get a CD!

This information-packed webinar is devoted to the wide range of new patient privacy and data security requirements (other than new business associate/contractor rules, see above) promulgated in HHS’s new rule issued on January 17. You’ll hear concise explanations of what’s new in these massive umbrella rules … and what steps your organization should take to comply with the changes in areas that include:

  • The major revision to the definition of a “breach”
  • The new risk assessment standard that replaces the “harm” standard
  • Required revisions to the Notice of Privacy Practices
  • New restrictions on the “sale” of PHI without an individual’s authorization
  • New rules for research authorizations
  • New rules for the protection of genetic information and its use by health plans
  • Revisions to rules for use and disclosure of PHI
  • Revisions to an individual’s right to access and request restrictions
  • Changes to the fundraising opt-out and disclosures for fundraising
  • Expanded protection for the PHI of decedents
  • Stronger enforcement of HIPAA/HITECH violations and imposition of penalties

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