Health Plan Facts, Trends and Data:  2013-2014

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  • Pub Code: GHPF18-11WEB
  • Pages: 474
  • ISBN: 978-1-936230-56-3
  • Copyright 2013

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Health Plan Facts, Trends and Data: 2013-2014

A best-selling annual book packed with insights into important trends that are re-shaping the health care industry. This one-of-a-kind resource contains reliable data, directories and other valuable resources you can put to work today. Written and organized by AIS's experienced health reporting staff.

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Get the perspective you need to make sense of the state of the health plan industry with Health Plan Facts, Trends and Data

Health Plan Facts, Trends and Data is a comprehensive one-of-a-kind resource on the U.S. health insurance industry. It provides valuable intelligence on a wide range of big-dollar health plan issues — from benefit design and management strategies to corporate financial results and enrollment — that can be of great assistance to you and your management team in the year ahead.

This unique, well-organized resource helps you quickly get up-to-speed on:

  • Management Tactics — such as disease management and wellness initiatives, employer strategies for reducing costs, accountable care organization launches, and the pricing and development of products in both public and private insurance exchanges
  • Strategies and Markets — with in-depth looks at enrollment and market share trends, product launches, and market expansions into managed Medicaid, and the overseas and youth markets, as well as a look at Blue Cross Blue Shield plan trends
  • Industry-wide Trends —including rate-setting practices, network administration, defined-contribution models, communications with consumers, and medical loss ratio rebates
  • Business News — with synopses of mergers and acquisition activity, financial and stock market performance, lobbying activity, executive compensation, and antitrust lawsuits and ‘Most Favored Nation’ clauses

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Table of Contents

Chapter 1: Health Plan Enrollment Trends and Market Share

  • Enrollment Trends
  • Medicare Advantage Enrollment Trends
  • Enrollment Data
  • FEHBP, TriCare and Other Federal Programs

Chapter 2: Health Plan Organizational Structure and Leadership

  • Executive Compensation Trends
  • Lobbying and Donations
  • Disaster Planning
  • Layoffs and Other Workforce Developments
  • Leadership Decisions and Appointments

Chapter 3: Health Plan Growth and Consolidation

  • Mergers and Acquisitions
    • Alliances
  • Market Moves and Expansions
  • Contract Awards and Developments
  • Overseas Strategies
  • The Youth Market

Chapter 4: Managed Medicaid Expansion Initiatives

  • Competitive Strategies
  • Contract Developments
  • Dual Eligibles
  • States’ Expansion Initiatives

Chapter 5: Health Plan Product Development and Communication

  • Product Launches and Expansions
  • Retail Insurance Outlets
  • Tiered Networks
  • Ancillary Products
  • Mini-Med Plans
  • Marketing and Communications
    • MA Plans’ Marketing of Star Ratings
    • Communications With Consumers
  • Medical Travel Options

Chapter 6: Health Plan Financial Performance

  • Costs and Profitability
    • MA Payment Rates
  • 2012 and 2013 Annual Results and Projections
  • Second Quarter 2012 Results
  • Third Quarter 2012 Results
  • Fourth Quarter 2012 Results
  • First Quarter 2013 Results
  • Stock Market Performance
  • Medical Loss Ratio Rebates
  • Key Financial Data

Chapter 7: Blue Cross Blue Shield Plan Trends and Data

  • Blue Cross Blue Shield Enrollment and Market Share
  • Market Moves and Competition
  • Blue Cross Blue Shield Conversions and Nonprofit Issues
  • Directory of Blue Cross Blue Shield Organizations

Chapter 8: Rate Setting and Premiums

  • Plans’ Rate Increases
  • Oversight of Rate Increases
  • Premium Trends
  • Age-Rating Provision

Chapter 9: Public Insurance Exchanges

  • Federal Regulations, Guidance and Oversight
  • Pricing and Development of Products
    • Risk Mitigation
  • Essential Health Benefits
  • Impact on Brokers
  • Consumer Operated and Oriented Plans (CO-OP)
  • State Exchange Developments

Chapter 10: Private Exchanges

  • Competition and Participation in Private Exchanges
    • Private Exchange Launches
    • Defined-Contribution Models
  • Case Studies

Chapter 11: Employer Strategies and Challenges

  • Factors Influencing Costs and Savings Strategies
    • Shifting Full-time Employees to Part-time
    • Working Spouse Exclusion
  • Coverage Decisions
    • Coverage of Contraceptives
  • Benefit Design Strategies
    • Defined-Contribution Plans
    • Narrow Networks
  • Taxes and Fees on Employers
    • Cadillac Tax

Chapter 12: Provider/Health Plan Transactions and Developments

  • Network Administration and Reimbursement
  • Mergers and Acquisitions Between Insurers and Providers
  • Affiliations, Joint Ventures and Partnerships Between Health Plans and Providers
    • Highmark-West Penn Affiliation Conflicts
  • Health System Forays Into Insurance Products
  • ICD-10 Compliance
  • Strategies to Improve Outcomes and Quality of Care

Chapter 13: Accountable Care Organizations

  • Health Plan Strategies for ACOs
  • Launches and Expansions
  • Medicare Shared Savings Program (MSSP)
  • State ACO Initiatives

Chapter 14: Health Promotion, Wellness and Disease Management Strategies

  • Strategies for Specific Health Issues
    • Asthma
    • Autism
    • Chiropractic Care
    • Diabetes
    • Infertility
    • Multiple Sclerosis
    • Obesity
    • Oncology
    • Painkiller Abuse
  • Mental and Behavioral Health Coverage
  • Patient-Centered Medical Homes
  • Wellness Initiatives

Chapter 15: Online Tools and Other IT Communications Strategies

  • Online and Interactive Tools for Consumers
  • Applications for Communications Through Mobile Smartphones
  • Social Media Strategies
  • Quality and Cost Data Transparency Tools

Chapter 16: Health Plan Legal and Compliance Challenges

  • Antitrust Lawsuits
  • ‘Most Favored Nation’ Clauses
  • Claims Denials and Other Consumer Violations
  • Coverage-Related Violations
  • Provider Network Legal Cases
  • Pay-for-Delay Deals

Chapter 17: Health Plan Resources and Directories

  • Directory of Federal and Regional Medicare Regulators
  • Directory of Health Plan Trade Associations
  • Directory of Health Plan Accrediting Bodies
  • Directory of State Health Plan Associations
  • Directory of State Insurance Commissioners
  • Directory of State Medicaid Directors
  • State Medicaid Pharmacy Directors
  • State Health Officials

Written By

Health Plan Facts, Trends and Data was written and edited by the editorial staff of Atlantic Information Services.

Written For

  • Managers of HMOs, PPOs, POS plans and PSOs
  • Hospital managers and health system executives
  • Group practice managers
  • Managers of IDSs
  • Insurance executives
  • Employee benefits managers
  • Consultants and attorneys

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Health Plan Facts, Trends and Data: 2013-2014

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