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Health Insurance Exchange Database

Easy-to-use, continually updated database of all health plans operating on state and federal exchanges, featuring current data on premium rates and participating carriers.

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Stay abreast of all carrier participation decisions, premium rates and exchange operating challenges

AIS’s Health Insurance Exchange Database is a comprehensive online database tracking insurer participation, premium rates and exchange enrollment on the public health insurance exchange marketplaces. For all health plans listed on both state and federal public exchanges, the database includes:

  • Current, up-to-date data on plans and premium rates
  • Monthly premium rates, by exchange, broken down by insurer/plan/tier/rating area, where applicable
  • Directory of exchanges, with contact info
  • Reporting on enrollment via public exchanges
  • Essential health benefits — plans and benefit requirements per state
  • Details on public exchange structure, regulations and operating decisions
  • Grants issued to states and navigators
  • Documentation of federal regulations and guidance
  • Number of policies sold per exchange, by tier
  • Archived, comparative data sets for each year since 2014 — for convenient trend analysis

Your subscription to Health Insurance Exchange Database includes a full year of access for up to three users to a comprehensive online database with premium rates provided in a comparative format. AIS researchers update the website as final rates are approved, and for SHOP plans throughout the year. See an Interactive Demo of the website at

Two ways to use and analyze data: Download full data sets directly to your desktop and/or use the online search tool to select your market and calculate average premiums. Easily export your selection to Excel with a single click, or print details of a single plan directly from your search results!

Health Insurance Exchange Database provides health industry stakeholders with the raw data they need to analyze the current marketplace and formulate new strategies. With a flexible data layout that can be uploaded to a variety of user applications, health care market researchers and analysts can:

  • Compare average premium rates per state, per insurer, per metal level, even per age or rating area
  • Analyze trends in number of offerings by metal tier, by price range, etc.
  • Learn which carriers are new for each state exchange in the upcoming plan year
  • Determine which plans have the highest and lowest premium rates per state/metal level, etc.
  • Understand how public health insurance exchange marketplaces are changing the way health insurance is sold
  • Identify market opportunities for future plan years

Also included on the website, a newsfeed features original AIS reporting on plans and exchanges, following their latest results and changes. PLUS the AIS researchers who are compiling this massive data set are available to directly answer your questions and give you customized help in understanding and applying the data to your projects.

Special licensing available for group users or developers: If you need access for more than three users, site licenses for Health Insurance Exchange Database are also available to save you money while providing an accurate data resource for analysts throughout your organization. And developers can upgrade to an API feed to populate their own applications with reliable, current and consistently formatted data vetted by AIS health care editorial experts. Call Sales Director Bailey Sterrett at 202-775-9008 x3034 to discuss your needs.


Excel Spreadsheets

  • Plans and Premiums
    Excel spreadsheet of all available current plan year plans and premiums; updated regularly as announcements are made.
  • Enrollment Data
    Excel workbook contains the latest available enrollment data for current marketplace health plans.
  • Rating Areas by State and County
    Excel spreadsheet defines the rating areas for each state and county.
  • Essential Health Benefits
    Excel workbook contains the essential health benefits (EHB) benchmark plan for each state and the essential health benefits, limits and prescription drug coverage for each state.
  • AV Calculator
    Tool to help health plans to calculate the actuarial value of their plan designs for a targeted metal level.
  • Federal Grant Awards
    Excel workbook tracking federal grants given to each state for exchange planning, and the federal grants given to state Navigator programs.
  • Plans and Premiums — Archives for all years starting at 2014
    Excel workbook containing the final premium rates and plans participating on public exchanges.
  • Exchange Directory
    Complete directory of public exchanges, with updated executive directors and contact information for exchanges in each state.

Supporting Documentation

  • Field Definitions
  • Frequently Asked Questions
  • Glossary: Glossary of terms prepared by the editors of AIS Health Data

Data Fields

PBX ID — Unique ID, automatically generated, to distinguish each record in the database.

RxB ID — Links to the health plan record represented in AIS’s RxB database, available separately, so that users of both databases may link them. RxB records provide plan design details of the health plans. PBX records provide premium rates on a one-to-many basis, because each plan may have multiple rates depending on rating area, age of insured, smoking status, etc. (Available on downloaded spreadsheet only.)

MCO ID — Links to the health plan record represented in AIS’s Directory of Health Plans database, sold separately, so that users of both databases may link them.

HIOS ID — Health Insurance Oversight System (HIOS) number that uniquely identifies each new qualified health plan (QHP) approved by CMS.

Insurer — Name of insurance company/carrier offering plan, per AIS’s Directory of Health Plans database.

Plan Name — Name of plan per the original data source. NOTE: plan names may be expressed differently on various marketing materials and government websites.

Exchange Name — Name of Health Insurance Exchange on which plan is offered.

Exchange Type — Type of Health Insurance Exchange on which plan is offered (Individual or SHOP).

State — State in which the plan is offered.

Metal Level — Catastrophic/Bronze/Silver/Gold/Platinum metal level designation indicating the actuarial value target of the plan.

Plan Type — HMO/POS/PPO/EPO plan type, if indicated. HMO=health maintenance organization; POS=point-of-service plan; PPO=preferred provider organization; EPO=exclusive provider organization.

Rating Area — Where applicable, the geographic rating area within the state for which the premium applies.

Insured Age — Age of the insured individual for which this premium will apply. Applicable in states where age-rating is considered for the premium.

Premium — The monthly premium, prior to any applicable subsidy, that is charged to the individual in the age and geographic area specified for the plan.

Note — Additional variables or other information about the plan that may impact the premium cost of the plan.

Published By

Health Insurance Exchange Database is published by AIS Health. The research and data tracking is conducted by in-house researchers who work exclusively for AIS. Newsfeed and special reports are prepared by AIS editorial staff, unless otherwise noted.

Designed For

  • Health Plans
  • Market Analysts and Researchers
  • Healthcare Application Developers
  • Consumer Advocacy Groups
  • Actuaries
  • State Health Policy Leaders
  • Attorneys, Consultants and Financial Analysts
  • PBMs and Other Health Plan Vendors

Delivery Information

Access to the website will be available after your subscription is processed (generally within two business days). You will receive your username and password via email.

Call AIS Customer Service at 800-521-4323 for rush processing.

Call Account Executive BJ Taylor at 202-688-0071 for information on upgrading to a group license or an API feed.

Health Insurance Exchange Database

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Access for up to 3 users for one year