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AIS's Health Reform Week

The nation’s leading publication on the business implications of the massive changes for the health industry mandated by reform. In addition to timely business news, the newsletter delivers a steady stream of sharp ideas from managers and consultants nationwide … on topics like the launch of health exchanges, MLRs and rebates, essential health benefits, the end of pre-existing condition exclusions, gender rating and benefit caps, preventive services, MA/Part D reforms, ACOs and much more. Designed for top managers in health plans, hospitals and other provider groups, pharma companies, employers, vendors and suppliers, and others with a large stake in the outcome of reform.

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24 print issues + weekly E-News Alerts
4 print issues + weekly E-News Alerts

Business News and Strategies on the Impact of Reform on Insurers, Employers and Pharma

With health reform now moving into the final implementation stage, it is more important than ever to get reliable answers to questions that will soon transform your business and bottom line. Among them:

  • How will the individual market be transformed by the influx of millions of new enrollees and hundreds of billions of premium dollars onto the insurance exchanges?
  • How will group markets respond as employers feel pressure to move their employees to the exchanges?
  • How will the industry be impacted by implementation of the massive CMS-funded integrated care initiatives for Medicare-Medicaid dual eligibles?
  • What are health plans doing to prepare their information technology systems to accept and process the complex new eligibility and billing data that will soon be coming their way?
  • How much will exchange plan premiums be driven up as a result of the “essential health benefits” requirement that plans in the exchanges offer at least the same number of drugs in each therapeutic class as the benchmark plan chosen by the state?
  • How will your bottom line be hit by underwriting changes such as guaranteed issue and the end of gender rating, benefit caps and pre-existing condition exclusions?
  • How are health plans faring under the “3R” risk-modification programs that start in 2014 to limit adverse selection in exchanges?

To be a winner under reform, you will need targeted information to formulate strategies that limit your risks and maximize your opportunities. AIS’s Health Reform Week will provide reliable answers to a slew of questions that will transform your business and your bottom line. It is designed to inform savvy business leaders in health care of what reform means to them ... and how to take advantage of new opportunities ahead.

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The health industry is undergoing its greatest transformation since Medicare started in 1965. Whether you manage a health plan, hospital or other provider organization, pharma company or PBM, or employee benefits department, AIS’s Health Reform Week will help you understand the details of reform and maximize your return on the terrific opportunities ahead.

Written By

AIS’s Health Reform Week is written by a team of aggressive business reporters, led by Managing Editor James Gutman, who has spent decades developing ready access to top industry leaders, health policymakers, and the most experienced and best regarded consultants and lawyers to health plans, pharma companies and hospitals.

It is published by AIS, which for 25 years has been the industry’s #1 health plan/health business publisher, with Health Plan Week, Medicare Advantage News and Drug Benefit News among its dozens of highly regarded titles for health business leaders.

Written For

Managers at:

  • Health plans
  • Employer benefits providers
  • Pharmaceutical companies
  • Hospitals and health systems
  • Other providers

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AIS's Health Reform Week

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24 print issues + weekly E-News Alerts
4 print issues + weekly E-News Alerts