AIS’s Directory of Health Plans: 2015

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  • Pub Code: GDHP12-11WEB
  • Pages: Approximately 600
  • ISBN: 978-1-936230-88-4
  • Copyright 2015

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AIS’s Directory of Health Plans: 2015

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The most comprehensive resource available on the U.S. health plan market with enrollment data and contact information for health plans operating in the U.S. The database is also available on CD or USB Flash Drive to permit the creation of the specific analysis that suits the needs of each user.

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Save $180! (Includes a free print version)
was $2,125.00
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A thorough and definitive tool to calculate health plan market share

AIS’s Directory of Health Plans contains enrollment data for all types of health plans, so you can track trends in product design, funding and market sectors. More than a “phone book” directory, the listings include:

  • National and state-level enrollment data by company,
  • National enrollment by company, by sector,
  • Company contact information and ownership information, and
  • Key executives listed by job function.

AIS’s Directory of Health Plans can help you:

  • Discover which health plans offer certain types of plan models and which health plans operate in each state, so you can gauge your competitors' strengths and identify where your opportunities for market expansion lie.
  • Conduct accurate market research using the most currently available data.
  • Create targeted mailing lists and develop call lists to network and generate leads for prospective new partners and clients.
  • Track shifts in enrollment as ACA implementation, integrations, mergers and acquisitions change the competitive landscape.
  • Develop benchmarks for determining the prevalence of certain types of plan models and create projections about which areas are likely to grow.

Convenient, Easy-to-Use Formats

AIS’s Directory of Health Plans includes a CD or USB Flash Drive with enrollment and market data and verified contact names in mailing lists. Your order includes an accompanying book that contains the full directory and an “Executive Summary” of enrollment trends in quick-view tables and charts.

Data is included in three different file formats (Excel, Access, CSV), so you can easily create the specific kind of analysis you want. It includes key executives in mailing lists, so you can quickly sort and create targeted lists. The data files are compatible with most sales force software and similar databases so you can conduct marketing research and develop prospect lists, as well as create detailed company profiles and prospective client lists for your sales team.

The printed book is also sold separately (without the data files), but does not include the exclusive Excel files that give you a head start on your analyses.

Multi-user site licenses for AIS’s Directory of Health Plans are also available to save you money while providing an accurate data resource for analysts throughout your organization. Call Sales Director Bailey Sterrett at 202-775-9008 x3034 to learn more.

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Table of Contents

Print Version

  • Chapter 1: Highlights from AIS’s Database of Health Plans: 2015
  • Chapter 2: Directory of Health Insurance Companies
  • Chapter 3: Health Plan Enrollment by State
  • Chapter 4: Medicare Part D Directory and Enrollment
  • Chapter 5: Health Plan Participation in Health Insurance Exchanges
  • Chapter 6: Health Plan Participation in Accountable Care Organizations (ACOs) and Similar Partnerships
  • Chapter 7: NCQA Accreditation Status of U.S. Health Plans
  • Appendix: New Plan Directory
  • Alphabetical Index

CD Version


All known health insurers were surveyed by AIS staff researchers between Oct. 1, 2014, and Dec. 31, 2014. Organizations were contacted individually and offered options to fill out an online or paper survey, or to provide information via email, fax, mail or telephone interviews. Data provided directly by companies via survey is deemed the most accurate and up-to-date information on that company. For companies that do not return a survey, or where blanks are left on responses, researchers endeavor to complete the record through other means.

Survey data are audited against public records as available. For listed entities that prefer for AIS to fill out enrollment information from publicly available data sources, fully insured commercial enrollment is from third-quarter 2014 state insurance department filings. Medicare enrollment was updated from the December 2014 Centers for Medicare and Medicaid Services (CMS) records. Medicaid enrollment, when not provided by the company, was collected from state Medicaid agency reports ranging in date from September to December 2014, whichever was the latest available report as of Dec. 31.

Data from company websites, SEC filings, company press releases and published news reports were used to supplement the records.

Data Fields

  • Company information — Company Name, Company Owner, Profit Status, Private/Public, Stock Symbol, Aliases, Contracted PBM, Contracted Specialty Pharmacy Vendor, States Served
  • Contact information — Address, URL, Business Phone, Automated Phone, Fax
  • Executives by job function — CEO, President, Operations, Finance, Medical/Clinical, General Counsel/Legal Affairs, Provider Relations/Network, Marketing/Sales, Member Relations, Pharmacy, Public Relations, Information Systems, Purchasing, Claims Management, DM/Wellness; Human Resources; Government Relations; Medicare Operations
  • Enrollment data — Total Medical, Total Fully Funded, Commercial Risk (Total/Individual/Small Group/Large Group), Public Exchange Enrollment, Medicare Supplement, Public Sector Risk, Total Medicare Advantage, Medicare Coordinated Care Plans, Medicare Cost Plans, Medicare PFFS, PACE Programs, Medicaid HMO, Medicaid FFS, SCHIP and Other Public-Sector, Unspecified Risk, Self-Funded/ASO, Medicare Part D, FEHBP/FEP, and enrollment specific to each state, DC and Puerto Rico.


For the twelfth year in a row, America’s Health Insurance Plans (AHIP) — the national trade association representing health plans — has selected AIS’s Directory of Health Plans as the official directory resource.

Written By

AIS’s Directory of Health Plans is published by Atlantic Information Services, Inc. (AIS). The research and data tracking is conducted by in-house researchers who work exclusively for AIS.

To produce AIS’s Directory of Health Plans, AIS’s on-staff researchers personally interview or survey a knowledgeable person at each health plan — including subsidiaries and parent companies — to get a clear picture of product offerings, contracts and markets. We work hard to ensure that each covered life is counted only once, and is categorized by plan models that are defined in a consistent and meaningful manner which reflect the current industry. By maintaining our impeccable research standards and strict methodology through ten annual editions, AIS’s health plan data offers true year-over-year comparisons and extremely accurate and sensitive insight into developing trends.

AIS is proud to maintain this extensive, proprietary database of information and to consistently publish reliable and practical information that can help you in evaluating market trends and succeeding in the health care market.

Written For

  • Health plan executives, managed care and managed markets directors
  • Analysts, market researchers and business development managers
  • Network directors, contract and payer relations managers
  • Health care policy makers
  • Sales and marketing directors, brand managers
  • Account executives, product managers
  • Benefits advisors
  • Actuaries

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View Sample (PDF)

AIS’s Directory of Health Plans: 2015

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Save $180! (Includes a free print version)
was $2,125.00
Save $180! (Includes a free print version)
was $2,125.00
was $682.00
(Multi-user license covers up to 10 users)

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