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From Inside Health Insurance Exchanges - Technology that would have allowed insurance carriers and web-broker entities (WBEs) to determine federal subsidy eligibility and directly enroll consumers wasn’t ready in time for the start of last year’s open-enrollment period. It’s not going to be ready this year, either. While the technology has improved, industry observers tell HEX that it’s far from ideal, which means most subsidy-eligible consumers will be restricted to and state-run exchange websites when enrolling in coverage. Read more

From Inside Health Insurance Exchanges - The combination of competitive pricing and strong brand recognition helped WellPoint, Inc. and independent Blue Cross and Blue Shield companies dominate public insurance exchanges, according to a recent analysis by Washington, D.C., consulting firm Avalere Health. But new competitors — and attractive premiums from existing ones — threaten to snatch some of that market share away. Read more

Health Reform Blog

By Steve Davis - October 6, 2014
Many carriers that watched from the sidelines a year ago will jump into the insurance exchange game when open enrollment kicks off Nov. 15. But it was one carrier’s decision to drop out that grabbed headlines last month. Obamacare critics were quick to point to the decision as proof that the...
By Steve Davis - July 9, 2014
Are private insurance exchanges the future of employer-sponsored benefits? Health insurers appear to think so. And while interest in the concept still far outweighs action among employers, that could change quickly. Large employers see private exchanges as a strategy that could help them avoid the...
By Steve Davis - June 5, 2014
The idea of an insurance marketplace for small employers was included in the Affordable Care Act in response to a perceived demand from small employers. But employers didn’t seem too put off last year when HHS said it would delay the Small Business Health Options Program (SHOP) for a year in states...

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