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From ACO Business News - CMS will experiment with moving cancer care into a value-based system with a new multi-payer payment and care delivery model. However, the model, developed by the Center for Medicare & Medicaid Innovation, is drawing criticism from stakeholders in oncology care, who say it could adversely impact optimal patient care by placing oncologists at risk for chemotherapy drugs. Read more

From Inside Health Insurance Exchanges - If the court rules against HHS in King v. Burwell, some Republican lawmakers will become more vocal about the need to repeal the Affordable Care Act (ACA). But a growing number of conservative lawmakers are likely to pursue a strategy that allows subsidies to remain, in some form, if the Obama administration is willing to remove other provisions, such as the individual and employer mandates, says Stuart Butler, a senior… Read more

Health Reform Blog

By Steve Davis - March 17, 2015
For the record, I don’t think the Supreme Court will decide only state-based exchanges can distribute federal premium subsidies. The court had its chance to strike down the individual mandate in 2012 but didn’t. But if I’m wrong, will a decision against HHS mean the end of public insurance...
By Steve Davis - February 25, 2015
Based on early income tax filings, a surprisingly large number of people who bought coverage through insurance exchanges last year will need to pay back a portion of their advance premium tax credit. So far, 52% of people who bought coverage through an exchange will need to refund some money...
By Steve Davis - December 30, 2014
Just before Christmas, Iowa-based CoOportunity Health, Inc. got something far worse than a stocking bulging with coal…it received word that it could be forced into liquidation. Iowa’s Insurance Commissioner Nick Gerhart will take over as “rehabilitator” for the Consumer Operated and Oriented Plan (...

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