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From ACO Business News - Antitrust laws treat collaborations among health care providers — including accountable care organizations — differently from the way they treat price-fixing schemes. But that doesn’t mean ACOs will never merit scrutiny from the Federal Trade Commission, FTC Bureau of Competition Director Deborah Feinstein says. To date, the FTC hasn’t opposed the formation of an ACO, Feinstein told attendees at the recent National Accountable Care Organization Summit in Washington, D.C., sponsored by Global Health Care LLC. Read more

From Inside Health Insurance Exchanges - In the July 3 issue of HEX, we profiled several health plans that have launched a proprietary private insurance exchange (HEX 7/3/14, p. 3). For this issue, we zero in on Blue Cross and Blue Shield plans. Along with dominating the government-run public health insurance exchanges, a majority of Blues plans have launched their own private exchange. Read more

Health Reform Blog

By Steve Davis - July 9, 2014
Are private insurance exchanges the future of employer-sponsored benefits? Health insurers appear to think so. And while interest in the concept still far outweighs action among employers, that could change quickly. Large employers see private exchanges as a strategy that could help them avoid the...
By Steve Davis - June 5, 2014
The idea of an insurance marketplace for small employers was included in the Affordable Care Act in response to a perceived demand from small employers. But employers didn’t seem too put off last year when HHS said it would delay the Small Business Health Options Program (SHOP) for a year in states...
By Steve Davis - April 17, 2014
Will premiums for exchange-based health coverage skyrocket this fall? The Congressional Budget Office doesn’t think so. In a report released April 14, CBO and the Joint Committee on Taxation predicted lower costs than initially projected due largely to the way health insurers have restructured the...

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