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From AIS's Health Reform Week - With billions of federal dollars at stake, an increasing number of Republican-controlled states are reconsidering their opposition to Medicaid expansion under the Affordable Care Act (ACA). Twenty-five mostly “blue states” already have tapped that voluntary expansion option, which allows them to access increased federal dollars to cover residents with annual incomes up to 138% starting in 2014. But now, at least a half-dozen holdout states are indicating a new interest in alternative ways of expanding the program, including by leveraging the private market. Read more

From Inside Health Insurance Exchanges - In May, insurance carriers will begin filing their 2015 rates for the products they intend to sell on government-run exchanges next fall. But actuaries are just beginning to analyze the limited information they have on the 2014 exchange enrollees, including their potential risk. Read more

Health Reform Blog

By Neal Learner - March 24, 2014
The March 31 deadline to obtain health insurance or face a tax penalty is quickly approaching. But how many people will actually end up paying the fine after the open enrollment period ends is an open question. The White House has said there is no chance it will lift the so-called “individual...
By Steve Davis - March 20, 2014
In telephone interviews last week, health policy execs from Jackson Hewitt and H&R Block told me that very few of their uninsured customers understand how much of a fine they face for not having health coverage in 2014 (hint: it’s probably way more than $95). Sure, $95 is the amount cited most...
By Neal Learner - March 10, 2014
With just weeks left in the open enrollment season, Navigators are bracing for a final rush of individuals who are expected to seek assistance in signing up for plans on the insurance exchanges. Stakeholders and observers say Navigators have played a key role in helping to sign up the more than 4...

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