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From Health Plan Week - Venture capital is flowing into the digital health space at rates that by midyear 2014 had already eclipsed what was seen for all of last year, according to new industry data. That leaves health insurers to consider investments in or outright acquisitions of a bevy of software developers, wearable device makers and behavioral health tool creators. Sifting through the suddenly crowded digital health startup market has become an important part of innovation efforts at major insurers, such as UnitedHealth Group’s UnitedHealthcare, as the search for new ways to make money, please a technology-obsessed public and generate efficiencies intensifies. Read more

From Health Plan Week - It takes nearly two computer screens to scroll through the list of state-mandated medical services that health insurers in California must cover. And on Aug. 22, a clarification of an existing state law added one more when the Department of Managed Health Care informed carriers that abortion services are a basic health service in the state and must be covered. Read more

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By Jill Brown - September 12, 2014
In an effort to avoid preventable hospitalizations, one accountable care organization is working to find patients among its Medicare Shared Savings Program (MSSP) population who are not very engaged with their physicians. To help in that search, Jacksonville, Fla.-based Orange Accountable Care has...
By Patrick Connole - September 5, 2014
Health insurers are no longer foreigners to the mostly West Coast-based hotbeds of high-tech venture funding, what with UnitedHealth Group and Blue Shield of California being active partners in seed-money incubator Rock Health in San Francisco and Blues plans possessing their own funding sources,...
By Steve Davis - September 5, 2014
The start to last year’s debut of public health insurance exchanges could not have gone much worse … for state-run exchanges as well as for the federal portal. For months, the disastrous rollout was front-page news. Executive directors from several state-run exchanges resigned. Some...

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