AIS’s New Database and Report on 2010 Medical Loss Ratios Contains Valuable Competitive Intelligence on the MLRs of Health Plans and Subsidiaries
Atlantic Information Services, Inc. (AIS) - September 7, 2011 - Washington, DC

The publisher of AIS’s Directory of Health Plans and industry-leading newsletters AIS’s Health Reform Week, Health Plan Week and Medicare Advantage News is pleased to announce a comprehensive new resource for health plans, state government managers, financial analysts, consultants and vendors. AIS’s Database and Report on 2010 Medical Loss Ratios is packed with 2010 MLR data filed with the National Association of Insurance Commissioners (NAIC) by health plans. See full product details at

AIS’s Database and Report on 2010 Medical Loss Ratios contains valuable competitive intelligence on the medical loss ratios of 226 health plans/subsidiaries — including Aetna, numerous Blue Cross Blue Shield plans, CIGNA, Humana, Kaiser and more. The data reports that are included can be used to:

  • Compare MLRs for major health plans, by state and group size, and identify areas where minimum targets are not being met.

  • Create industry benchmarks and begin tracking trends in MLRs and components by state and group size.

  • Examine each component of the MLR calculation, to determine where to focus changes, by company, by state, by group size and by component.

  • View and compare the specific factors that make up the Adjusted Premiums Earned, a key component of the MLR calculation.

  • View and compare specific factors that make up the Total Incurred Claims component—including medical claims, Rx claims, pharmaceutical rebates, state stop-loss assessments and medical incentive pools and bonuses.

  • Review breakdowns of General and Administrative Expenses for major health plans, by state and group size — including salaries/benefits and agent/broker fees and commissions.

  • Identify specific areas of nonmedical costs that must be trimmed in order to avoid paying rebates on 2011 results.

  • Compare plan expenditures for key financial indicators, such as Deductible Fraud and Abuse Expenses, Quality Improvement Expenses and Federal Income Tax.

The comprehensive new database comes on a user-friendly CD, which includes an overview by Kenneth B. Schnoll of SNR Denton, a user-friendly Excel spreadsheet and six exhaustive PDF reports, plus an accompanying printed report. See a sample of the database at

AIS’s Database and Report on 2010 Medical Loss Ratios was designed and assembled by Susan Namovicz-Peat, who has been managing AIS’s Directory of Health Plans for more than 10 years and is one of the nation’s foremost health business database researchers. It is produced by Atlantic Information Services, Inc., which has been serving health care business leaders for more than 25 years with timely business and regulatory news, specialized data and strategic information.

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