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September 19, 2017
Hot Topic
Lawmakers in Congress and several statehouses are considering legislation intended to lower the prices consumers pay for prescription drugs. Here’s a look at recent developments.
Although the ongoing repeal-and-replace debate over the Affordable Care Act has taken up most of the attention in Washington, D.C., drug pricing and access also are on the radar in Congress…
Lawmakers in three states have approved legislation intended to lower the prices consumers pay for prescription drugs, mainly by requiring more disclosure of pricing information from PBMs and drug manufacturers…
Prescription drug benefit industry stakeholders are gearing up their lobbying efforts on drug pricing measures that would affect various components of the pharmaceutical supply chain…

Today's AIS Health Datapoint
45.10% ... is the percent of Washington's managed Medicaid market served by Molina Healthcare, Inc. The Medicaid HMO has 703,821 enrollees as of the second quarter of 2017.
AIS's Medicare and Medicaid Market Data: Enrollment, Premium Rates, Benefit Designs and Strategies of Medicare and Medicaid Plans

Quote of the Day
New York allowed multiple Medicaid partially capitated managed long-term care plans to join Fully Integrated Duals Advantage, “none with any real experience” in Medicare managed care. “The basic health care building blocks were missing a lot of experience.”
— James Verdier, senior fellow with Mathematica Policy Research, describes New York’s rocky experience with CMS’s Medicare-Medicaid dual eligible demonstration.

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