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August 29, 2017

Hot Topic

As Texans struggle to overcome Hurricane Harvey, health insurers are easing coverage restrictions and stepping up communications to help enrollees. Here’s a look at how insurers have handled previous disasters.

While Sandy Wreaks Havoc, Health Plans Trigger Emergency Operations, New Rules
Superstorm Sandy put to test contingency plans that health insurers activate for emergencies, such as easing restrictions for prescription drugs and health care services, even if out of network...

Lessons Learned From Katrina Helped Plans Weather Gustav, Fay
Robin Mayhall, a Blue Cross Blue Shield of Louisiana employee, says she spent much of Labor Day at home in Baton Rouge peering through the window and “watching things fly through the air”...

Threat of Flu Pandemic Prompts Plans to Launch Emergency Policies and Procedures
When the World Health Organization raised its six-tier warning level from 4 to 5, indicating that a pandemic declaration (level 6) for swine flu might be inevitable, health plans implemented their emergency policies and procedures...

Today's AIS Health Datapoint

7,899,262 ... is the number of people enrolled in Blue Cross and Blue Shield plans in Illinois, accounting for more than 61% of the total population and nearly 58% of the insured.

From THE AIS GUIDE TO BLUE CROSS AND BLUE SHIELD PLANS. (Not affiliated with the Blue Cross and Blue Shield Association or its member companies.)

            The AIS Guide to Blue Cross and Blue Shield Plans is now online!

Quote of the Day

“The majority of the new exclusions are for products that have generic alternatives available. Those moves are ‘table stakes,’ and should be a part of every PBM’s formulary housekeeping duties.”

— Josh Golden, area senior vice president at Solid Benefit Guidance (a division of Arthur J. Gallagher & Co.), describing the 2018 standard formularies unveiled by Express Scripts Holding Co. and CVS Health Corp. to Drug Benefit News.

Click here to read the DRUG BENEFIT NEWS article in which this quote appeared — "PBMs’ 2018 Standard Formularies Push Generics, Some Brands to Boost Savings" (Free for DBN subscribers; $17 for non-subscribers.)


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