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May 22, 2017

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Aetna Sees Evolving Relationship, ‘Fundamentally Rethinks’ PBM Role
Reprinted from DRUG BENEFIT NEWS

While the ongoing public spat between giants Anthem Inc. and Express Scripts Holding Co. has drawn attention, various managed care companies have stressed the importance of evolving pharmacy management practices — and pricing transparency — during first-quarter 2017 earnings calls. Moreover, recent comments by some company executives on both the pharmacy and health plan side raised the possibility of new arrangements and deals.... Read Full Story

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Today's AIS Health Datapoint

41,039,174 ... is the number of lives enrolled in 2017 in provider-sponsored health plans, up from 36,261,593 last year. The 2017 figure represents 13.45% of all insured lives.



People on the Move

The Minnesota Vikings hired Tina Holmes as chief of staff and strategic advisor. Holmes joins the NFL team after spending the past four years as chief of staff at Blue Cross Blue Shield of Minnesota….The National Association of Insurance Commissioners elected South Carolina Insurance Director Raymond Farmer to fill the position of secretary-treasurer. He replaces former Texas Insurance Commissioner David Mattax, who passed away on April 13….Arthur J. Gallagher & Co. named Christopher E. Mead chief marketing officer. Mead comes to Gallagher from the CME Group, where he served as managing director for marketing.


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