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May 9, 2017

Hot Topic

Here’s a look at insurers’ efforts to manage costs and utilization for new drugs coming on the market:

FDA Just Approved Some Highly Anticipated Specialty Drugs; Payers Must Prepare Now
In late March, the FDA went on an approval tear, paving the way for multiple anticipated specialty drugs to come onto the U.S. market....

Auvi-Q Prepares to Launch at Zero Cost to Most Patients, but Payers Footing the Bill
The manufacturer of an insulin autoinjector is once again in the crosshairs of a public that is growing more and more exasperated with the high prices of drugs....

How Should Payers Be Preparing For Biosimilar Remicade Launch?
The second FDA-approved biosimilar to hit the U.S. market, Inflectra (infliximab-dyyb), will launch at a 15% discount to the wholesale acquisition cost of Janssen Biotech, Inc.’s reference drug Remicade (infliximab)....

Today's AIS Health Datapoint

5.4 million ... is the number of consumers whose incomes fall between 100% and 200% of the federal poverty level who selected marketplace plans on federally facilitated exchanges. In the 39 states using the federal platform, nearly 135,000 people per state, on average, fall into this range.


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Quote of the Day

“[The debate over drug pricing] is definitely more intense, vocal and louder than usual, primarily out of fear. All stakeholders can’t figure out what’s happening in D.C., so they are trying to divert attention away from their role and financial stake in pharma and accuse someone else of profiteering. There’s a sense someone’s ox is going to be gored, and that’s a painful fate to contemplate.”

— Joseph Paduda, principal at Health Strategy Associates, LLC, tells Health Plan Week

Click here to read the HEALTH PLAN WEEK article in which this quote appeared — "PhRMA Ad Campaign Calls Out Health Insurers, Urges Them to Share Rebates" (Free for HPW subscribers; $17 for non-subscribers.)


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