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February 14, 2017

Hot Topic

This week all eyes are on the future of the Affordable Care Act’s Medicaid expansion now that Rep. Thomas Price (R.-Ga.) has won confirmation as HHS secretary. Here’s a look at AIS’s recent coverage on the topic:

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2017 Outlook: Questions on Medicaid Expansion, Funding Linger as GOP Sets Stage for ACA Repeal
Medicare Advantage News

CMS Modernizes Managed Medicaid Rules, But Changes Won’t Dampen Sector’s Sizzle
Health Plan Week

World Congress
Today's AIS Health Datapoint

5% ... of silver-level plans offered on individual public exchanges for 2017 allow primary care physician (PCP) visits with no out-of-pocket costs to members.


Quote of the Day

“My view is the exchanges are an unnecessary intermediary and another layer of quasi-regulation. I would point to Medicare Advantage (MA) as a wonderful example of where individuals can obtain a defined, regulated standard benefit by going directly to a health plan without entering any intermediary. Right now, if you want your [premium] subsidy, you have to go through an exchange. It’s like saying you can only get your tax refund if you go to this particular tax preparer. I don’t think the exchanges are a fundamental part of health care in the future.”

— Ron Williams, former CEO of Aetna Inc., told Health Plan Week.

From HEALTH PLAN WEEK — "In Their Own Words: Former Aetna CEO Talks Value-Based Care, The ACA and Where We Go From Here"


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