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April 18, 2011

Today’s issue is brought to you by AIS's Health Plan Week, the industry's leading source of objective business, financial and regulatory news of the health insurance industry.

Today's Featured Story

Stakeholders Spent $123 Million Lobbying Congress; Focus Is Now Shifting to States
Reprinted from Health Plan Week

From a financial standpoint, 2010 was a great year to be a lobbyist. Health insurers, providers, pharmacy benefit managers and trade groups with an interest in shaping health policy spent a staggering $122.8 million lobbying Congress, the White House, HHS and other federal agencies in 2010, according to AIS’s analysis of documents released recently by the Secretary of the Senate as required under the Lobbying Disclosure Act .... Read Full Story


From the AIS Blogs

Industry Insiders Discuss Surviving Reform at World Health Care Congress

Post-reform innovation and collaboration was the theme of this year’s annual World Health Care Congress outside of Washington, D.C. The impact the reform law is having, and might have, dominated sessions aimed at providers, health insurers and employers ... Read more


Quote of the Day

“There are definitely a set number of clinics that specialize in the treatment of multiple myeloma. Hematologists who do clinical trials are seen as the country’s experts. These are the people patients want to see. Any hematologist is probably going to have more knowledge of the disease than a general oncologist. But many patients [in a recent Avalere Health study] were lucky if they had even a local oncologist.”

— Kimberly Mahoney, a senior manager at Avalere Health LLC and co-author of recent study of multiple myeloma patients, told AIS’s Specialty Pharmacy News.

Click here to read the SPECIALTY PHARMACY NEWS article in which this quote appeared. (Free for SPN subscribers; $17 for non-subscribers).


Today's Datapoint

5% … of all prescriptions processed by CVS Caremark during one month in 2009 were designated “dispense as written,” which means a specific drug was stipulated, costing the health care system about $7.7 billion annually, according to a study conducted by CVS, Harvard University and Harvard’s Brigham and Women’s Hospital.



Today from Washington

People on the Move

Affymax, Inc. named Andrew Blair, M.D., vice president of medical affairs. Blair was vice president of clinical research at Proteon Therapeutics....CSC appointed Alisoun Moore vice president and general manager for its North American Public Sector Health Services division. Alisoun was director of health systems management for Northrop Grumman Corp.’s health information technology programs division.


Today's Featured Health Business Job Opening

Arcadian Health Plan
Clinical Pharmacist
San Dimas, Calif.

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